Suffered depression for years

Hi there, I've suffered from depression on and off for years. I also suffer badly from fatigue and take 45mg of mirtazpine at night to help.

The depression started as far back as I can remember, I had an abusive  childhood and a very abusive  marriage. I've had years of counselling then Christmas I had a relapse so I'm on the list for more counselling.

The problem I have is I've been waiting for over a year and in the meantime I am falling further and further into the black hole. 

How long is the waiting times for counselling? 

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  • Arrrghhh it's a nightmare if you need intensive counselling with a psychiatrist but referring yourself to therapy for you can be quick to help in the meantime. So sorry to hear that you feel so low again. Life isn't easy is it. Grrrrr bloody depression n anxiety it's awful I hear you! Hope you feel better very soon n lots of good luck. X

  • Yes I  have just been through tests for dementia and I was listed last August, the tests take five weeks, I was seen by a CPN for Depression, September, then they discussed the Dementia and that was sorted by end of march.

    Sometimes up here we wait six weeks for a call to triage then a possible four weeks for the first appointment. In my area the CBT is rationed to six sessions, then they decide on a future pathway. If you have waited twelve weeks in the UK, talk to your GP and explain your position.

    If you are so frantic, call 111 and they can decide to call a Crisis Team and have you referred to a place of safety. The same can apply if you admit yourself to A and E.

    The last possibility is go to a Police Station and ask to be put in a place of safety.

    If you need to talk we are always around


  • Hi how long is a piece of string?  The waiting times for a counsellor is horrendous as mental health is given a very low priority.   Why not go back to your doctor and ask if it can but hurried up and why?   Your doctor can do an urgent referral for you.  Let us know how you get on.  x

  • Fatigue can be caused by Depression, also the medication can also be involved.

    In my past i was in a family situation somewhat the same and it has taken many years to find a way forward and live my life without  family interference.

    All i can  suggest is you make that break and start as a new person with a progressive future ahead of you. One of our main challenges is to stop being a victim, then understand that new pathway, it is hard at the beginning although it is very liberating.

    We are always around here for a chat, try not to dwell, talk out your problems in CBT, and you will begin to understand if you need to take a positive action to make you whole once more, you have gone through the mill, now you begin to be the person you want to be


  • The waiting time is far too long but until you can get an appointment there are plenty of books on mindfulness ,relaxation, CBT and other therapies that you can read and which will help.

    The library will probably have a lot and you'll no doubt find the odd one rubbish (but at least you won't have bought it) but you should find some that really help pretty quickly.


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