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Even though Ive stuggled with bad anxiety and depression since 13 and am now about to be 33...I still want to feel normal and live a normal life. I want to find love and marriage so bad but I need someone who will understand my uniqueness with these issues. My anxiety tries to take over everytime someone is interested and I sabotage myself because of overthinking with the anxiety. I wish somebody would just love me for me though

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Have words with your GP there may be Mental Health Day Centre, some charities, and others run by the Council. They can give support and help You move on and possibly meet someone with your interests.

Try attending Night Classes, you may find someone with your interests that will relate to you.

You could join an Gym and go swimming etc, that also may help you find a person who is having problems finding someone.

One of the best ways of finding someone is to learn and dance, I went out with many people who would go dancing, You never know your luck, someone could be there awaiting a soulmate.


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Thank you for your helpful advice.


Hi Vsal,

I think it is important to realise that Depression and Anxiety are incurable conditions that can only be treated and managed to the extent where the patient can relate and contribute in a meaningful way.

Also, it is very common, so the chances are that you could meet someone who will be understanding.

However, before thinking of someone to share your life with, first you need to get yourself on a path where you can manage your condition. What ways are you trying to control your condition?

You then need to think about your interests and start becoming active in a few of them. Once you start doing and partaking in events that make your life better, people will be drawn to you.

Hope this helps?


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Thank you so much for this comment. My sister just told me almost the same exact words. I need good advice and motivation like this.

Much appreciated, Victoria :)

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All the best Victoria!


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