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I wonder whats the definition of being nice. Being good or bad or selfless or self centered are so subjective and does not have any clear definition. To someone you are good and to others you are bad. When i do good, is it that i am scared and behaving like an escapist or am i genuinely good. Or does it all really matter at all. In all these, who am I and what is my own standing. I am yet to discover myself.

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  • Now that is an interesting question.

    You can tie yourself in knots trying to please others and thier


    My mantra is

    Do no harm.

    Don't always manage but I try. People have thier own baggage and sometimes find harm where none is ment. But I think mostly we know in our hearts what's right. Certainly with the big things in life most of us do anyway.

    Now I shall be pondering that one all day.

    I think we never really discover ourselves. Because we are defined by so much. Some of that is luck. If you have never had your back against the wall we can't imagine how we would handle it. Equally how we would handle anyone's life good or bad.

    So best never to judge.

    Now you didn't want all that did you!

    Enjoy your discovery and weave magic into your days and everyone around you days.

    Be happy,

  • Do no harm was the first thing that came to mind when I read this post from rajeev , and then the Do Unto Others... I would add things like accountability, intentions, and character to the mix. It's simple really, you decide what you want to be and then you work at it the rest of your life. I'm starting to get muddled here because I wonder what makes one person who has a dysfunctional childhood turn out negatively and another positively ? I need to have a think. Pam

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