I've had depression since my diagnosis of MS ( multiple sclerosis) then I lost my 2 Uncles within 5 weeks of each other, they were Very Special in my life like my Dad. My depression has become difficult but I can't get any help from anyone, I've started gambling totally manic out of control then when I've lost all my money and my family is upset with me I'm the shutting myself away and go into complete shut down don't want to see or talk with anyone I'm so very Sad and scared I'm really not sure where to turn for a diagnosis or help!!!????

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  • So what treatment and help have you tried so far?

    ?Your GP, MS nurse, family, friends, gamblers anonymous

    Most of the effort will have to come from yourself to change things as I expect you know. Closing yourself off and all this negative talk will make things worse.

  • You don't think I know that shutting myself away is not helpful, depression is an illness as too is MS!! I've really lost so much my job my long distance running my two uncles who passed last year my self the person I was and should be, I've been to gamblers anonymous counciling with them too, my ms nurse seeing me every 4 to 6 weeks but it's very hard to go from health active person to being unable to walk wheelchair bound over night it's life destroying and takes a lot to come to terms with it's not as simple as you seem to think!! It's taken a lot for me to come on here and look for support but thank you for your comments however unsupportive Sandy

  • Dear Sandy

    I apologise I didn't mean to cause upset, but am not very tactful with my comments.

    I do know about depression and loss though - I have had weekly psychotherapy for depression for the past year and I know that no matter how bad things may seem, they can always get worse and it's so important to hold onto what you still have.

    Everyone uses the term support, but I find it fairly meaningless although kindness is nice and it's only practical things that help, like engaging in activity and trying to keep busy, while attempting to change thinking to a more positive position.

    But then my young brother died unexpectedly on Tuesday and the regret and guilt of what I could have helped him with, comes in.

    Life can be really tough.

  • I'm Sorry to hear the sad news about your brother, I guess I'm just a little sensitive at present, I'm waiting to hear if I've got a residual rehab place for help with my gambling addiction, I've just finished a 6 week counciling program with gamcare and cruse so with luck and a following winds I michgt get better as for depression my GP has upped my antidepressants today. The passing of a close friend or relative is heartbreaking, my uncle Keith died following a year of fighting last oct 2015 then 5 woks later his brother My Uncle Tom died suddenly from a heart attack, they were like my Dad I miss them so mum I send you Big (( Hugs))) xx

  • I have a Chronic Pain condition very much the same as yours, it has been put down to a Reactive Depression caused by all the pain I have. This form of depression can be made worse if certain things happen in our lives like death and illness. You have lost two people who were a large part of your life and this has left you with two large holes in your life and what with your health concerns you most probably you are upset and this is preventing you to grieve.

    In my life I can go through periods of seeming self destruction be doing irrational things. In this case you are gambling as you seem to want to upset family members who seemed not to have felt the same regarding these two loses. This may explain why you wish to loose all your money and lock yourself away to lick your wounds away from people who you feel are hard and uncaring.

    You need to talk to your GP and arrange some CBT so you can talk out your two loses, this may help you come to terms with your condition and help you manage all the mixed feeling you have and the associated depressive feelings..

    Remember your GP is there to give support, understanding and treatment, trust your Doctor He will help you get through this difficult time

    Keep a hold


  • Thank you for your support and advice I'm seeing my GP later sandy x

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