Please help!!

Hello all!! My teenage daughter has reached out to me letting me know she has been feeling depressed and at times she's had suicidal thoughts... I've reached out to counseling services... My daughter has met with a therapist twice and she still hasn't made a diagnosis... Should I seek help from somewhere else... I'm feeling scared .. I just want my daughter to get the help she needs... She is a first year college student who is on break right now... But if I don't get her depression under control I feel that when she returns to school, that the work load will just contribute to her depression..

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  • First of all I want to commend you for caring and reaching out for help yourself! 😁💖👍🏼☮️. That’s huge! Unfortunately there are a lot of family’s who are not very helpful in that way and make things worse so I think by you caring and wanting to help will make a huge difference! 😁👍🏼

  • Thank you again... I'm really trying to give her all the LOVE and support she needs because depression runs heavy on my mother's side of the family, so this really scares me!

  • Aww, I can understand that. Mental illness runs in my family as well! 💜☮️

  • Her knowing that you love and accept her now I think will help, it can sometimes take some time to get a diagnosis. It’s good that at least she’s seeing someone. You could find out if there’s other therapists around if you think she needs more. Sometimes colleges have their own counselling and cover the cost if a full time student. Could find out possibly and she might be able to see someone there.

  • Thank you so much... I have reached out to Student Counseling services at her school. They have agreed to set up sessions with her once Holiday break is over.

  • That’s great! Good job! 😁💖👍🏼

  • It’s not necessarily something that can be such a quick fix, so you might need to be patient about that. Mental conditions like this can wax and wane at times. It might depend on if or what triggered it or whatever. Sometimes medications can help. You could see if she’s comfortable sharing about it with you or if she thinks she needs other supports. There are some organizations that help with these types of things as well 😁. I hope it works out and you can let us know how things go.

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