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Shud I go on


I've been sexually assaulted when I was 8 raised by parents that never wanted us stabbed on 2 different occasions nearly killed the second time and now have an illness that causes your nervous system to attack u with many systems mainly full body pain they don't know what causes it and there's no cure GPS are useless I sleep 1 night a week so what do I do of course drugs so I don't feel normal for a while but I'm thinking of ending it I'm existing and not living so what is the point

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Welcome to the community. I hope sharing that here gave you a sense of release. Have you had counselling regarding your assault as a child and the stabbing? Did you take it to the police?

Are you still in contact with your parents? What makes you think they don't want you?

Are you able to move away from where you live now? It sounds like a dangerous place.

I'm sorry that you are in constant pain, has the medical professions knowledge been exhausted in your case?

What drugs are you taking? Prescribed or not?

There are lots of different types of pain, but there are people here who can help.



Sorry you have had such a unpleasant live experience.

My life was very much the same and eventually I was pushed to make life changing deisions

I was medically retired around thirty years ago and since then never worked again with the exception of Voluntary Work.

You need to consider what you need to do to move on and if you can go for it. In my case I moved away from family and disappeared in all intents and purposes. Now I live in a detached cottage out in the countryside. My house is adapted for my Chronic condition and I am virtually at peace, away from those who wished me harm.

It is wrong you are beating yourself up on what has happened in your past, you deserve more than that and you really need to move on, as you are using a small elastoplast to cover up your feelings.

Like you I take a long list of medications and sad to say I will be like that for the rest of my life so it is important that I am able to make my life more user friendly

When it comes to depression, and thoughts of ending it all, you are a feeling person who can move on so I would advise you arrange an appointment to see your GP and ask for some CBT. They will give you coping skills to help you make those important decisions. You do not need to move on we are all different and we need to do what is comfortable for you and your family

Because you feel Suicidal, if the need or desire to take your life is strong call NHS HELPLINE on tele 111 and explain your fears, what you want to do. They will triage.

I tried Suicide several years ago and after treatment I understood what I had done to the relationship with My Wife in fact now I am watched continuously and any sign of a return of my suicidal thoughts my Wife is straight onto the Crisis Team. We are never trusted again after a serious attempt.

If you need assistance with your condition ask your GP if you can attend a PAIN CLINIC that would help you control your condition.

Learn Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness is the preferred method at this time a CPN would explain how you do this method, or you can get an instruction booklet from your GP ?, or on Amazon. You can also learn Breathing Exercises, these may help you calm your mood

All ways around, Keep a Hold


Not at all easy, but many have got out of such situations, but drugs are bad and not sleeping also bad.

It sounds like you need to chase up doctors and social services. However most of the work will need to be from yourself.

The GPS refused to believe me for20 years,I'm sick of having other people that I need controlling my life but after I was almost killed I changed my doctors also I've took my sister's advice and will start treatment with the mental health services I'm trying,but it is always 1 step forward and 3 steps back this is my last effort to help myself and if it doesn't work I'm out of here

Thank you for your support

Hi there I am so sorry to read of how you feel, with the events in your life I would ask a doctor if you are suffering from post traumatic stress! That would require an anti anxiety medication and perhaps one for depression. Your doctor may be able to give you an anti depressant that helps you sleep. I wish you well.

I've tried every single type of antidepressant and antipsychotic I hate him they don't do s***

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I understand been there done that, my doctor put me on Cymbalta 90 ml a day and nooooooo side effects it's wonderful, I feel the best I have in 45 years, please talk to your doctor about it 🙈

I'm seeing the doctor today and i will ask thanks

Hi Saracensim,

Please know that you are not alone in this situation if that can be a source of comfort.

I am not religious so personally have no moral problem with the idea of suicide or in our case I prefer to think of it as euthanasia. Sometimes - the future is just to bleak.

However, my silver lining I have realised is that if I can help a few people during my life with advice, money or shelter - then the pain I bear is a bit more bearable.

Hope this helps.


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