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I suffer from a big cocaine addiction I abuse it everyday I suffer with thoughts of killing my self anger and choosing to get in debt I've lost weight and starting to have pains in my body I lack off sleep due to constant worry of thinking I hear /see things I'm on the edge now and need help to know what path to take

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Butler....your here cause you are ready to get help. Next step is get the help you need from a doctor. Only you can change now. I would say your safest place is a rehab clinic when they can help with the depression you are suffering with too. It might seem a very scary first step but once you've done it you'll never look back. Hope you feel better soon


Hi Butler,

Welcome to the community. It sounds like everything that is happening to you is a side effect of cocaine. You have taken the first step here, now it's time to tell your GP.



All I can initially say is you need to talk to your GP and attend a Self Help Group and stop taking Cocaine, as you will need to gain some support.

If you are Ending your life call the NHS Helpline on tel 111 and they will triage an help.

Most of the problems you are suffering are caused by the drug you are taking so you need help to withdraw from it and move on. You have made an error and you need to be kind to yourself and those who love you now


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You need referral to your drug and alcohol clinic if you feel you are ready to give withdrawal a go.

Also narcotics anonymous and cocaine anonymous, but I expect you know this.

You must have a lot of money or a lot of debt i presume.

Not sure that this forum can offer much help.


cocaine masses with a chemical that makes you happy so the more you do it that I'm happier you will ever feel what I would do it swap it for some weed and just smoke that because it what I will still help you sleep and help you get over the addiction and it's not addictive only mentally not physically so good luck and I'm a professional legal drugs trust me I've done it all still doing it


Google Voice type messed a few things up for me there so I'll put it right. . You will never be happy the more you use it plus I use all illegal drugs so I do know what I'm talking about


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