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Can someone help me? I don't know what to do!

I am 15 years a old and think I suffer from depression. I went on the nhs website and it said I was but there is some days when I am feeling low and don't talk to other people and there are other days when I talk to other people but as the day goes on I start feeling low again. I am not suicidal but I have had suicidal foughts lately. I want to tell my parents but I don't know how to. Can anyone help?

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Try to be as honest as you can with them.

Or ask them that you need to see the family Doctor.


Thank you for the help


Take care


Hi , my elder daughter has suffered from depression on and off for years and I knew that she had it before she admitted it mainly to herself. I would not be surprised if your parents already know something is up. Your best bet is to sit down with the parent you feel most comfortable with and just say how you are feeling. If you feel you can not do that, send them an email as this is how my daughter will ask for help during a crisis. she first went on tablets when she was 17 .

i am sure you will feel better once you can talk to your parents and then go to see your doctor. The doctor should offer you counselling as this can be a great help its sometimes nice to be able to talk freely about how you are feeling without the worry of upsetting the person you are talking to. I am not sure at your age if you will be offered tablets, but please take what ever is on offer and find what helps you the most

With my daughter we did and still do talk things through, she is on quite strong doses of anti depression tablets. I say for her life is difficult at times and the tablets help her be a bit more balanced. She doesn't like the idea of talking to someone else but I am lucky that she likes to talk things through with me. I don't give her answers but allow her to find her own way by talking and working things out. I am sure you are like my daughter who thought what's the use of talking it doesn't change anything but I can promise you it will help and you will feel better.

My daughter is now away at uni, but I am still on the end of the phone when she needs to talk and she is still on tablets.

Please get help it will make a whole world of difference to you. Your parents love you and will only want to help you and will be glad you have been able to tell them so they in turn can help you find a happier path to walk down.

Best wishes and let me know how you get on

Lots of hugs. Caroline x


Yes do get your family on side, any support they can give is going to help. Try something like using a leaflet from your G.P. as a starting point for the 1st conversation, chances are they have noticed some changes in you, and maybe don't know whether to speak themselves! . As a 15 year old you can use your G.P. independently yourself if you feel your family don't take you seriously , they will have nurses who specialise in mental health issues, and will give you a realistic view of your situation. If you are reluctant to use the local health services there are a load of phone helplines listed on the N.H.S. choices website, including one called YoungMinds which has advise for parents . You already know how much your feelings affect your life, and it sounds like it's time to get some help, even it's something as simple as putting into action some simple techniques to channel your thoughts.



My advise would be to try not to be alone. I think it is great that you found this place where you can share your thoughts. Now if you cannot speak to your parents about this, as that will be the best choice, try to find somebody that you consider wise and mature and ask for help, so this person can also talk to your parents for you.

It is very hard to grow up, and thoughts like this always come and go. Do not be afraid as this will pass. The most important thing is to ask for help and guidance which you have already done.

Take care please.


Speaking to your parents can be incredibly hard if you don't have that kind of relationship with them (I didn't!), but as gardengnome said, chances are they have already identified something not being quite right. I love the idea of sending them an email. You might well find they reply. I have an almost 14 year old and we often argue. Sometimes I send him a text message to apologise, even if he's in the same room. It's a chance to say what you want to say, without the bits that aren't necessary. Is there someone year school you could chat to? Your form tutor or a teacher that you really like? Sometimes initiating the conversation can be hard, but you could ask one of your friends to tell the teacher that you wan to talk to them.

There are lots of options available and you will find lots of kind support on here x


Hi, you would be amazed at how many teenagers feel this way, its a very emotional, difficult and stressful time in anybody's life, trying to think who you are and where you fit. You can chat to your gp if that makes you feel comfortable first. Your parents as Carolinee said probably know there is something not right for you, and all you can do is be honest. Having suicidal thoughts does not necessarily mean you want to kill yourself, it can often be that this is the only way you can think to express how awful you feel, again, you would be amazed how many people think these things. The difficulty is when we get these thoughts it's like if I tell you not to think of a white elephant, what comes to mind...yep, white elephant!

There are a lot of youth counselling services about, or your school may have a counsellor, but the best thing is to talk to somebody you feel comfortable with. With no pressure and try and think what's happened that you feel this way. You have made a good start by coming on here and asking questions! Now go and ask more and tell those close to you how you feel xx

I hope that helps get you started? Xx


hi char8917

are you unable to speak to your parents regarding how you are feeling? if you cannot speak to them is there not a friend you could confined with and go with you to speak to your gp...i am glad you have found this site i myself only came across it a few days ago and find the people on here offer some good advice .... you are not alone in the way you are feeling please try and speak to your mum or dad or any other family member or friend and make appt to speak to your gp ..... its hard to admit to the ones you love on how you are feeling but once you do i am sure they will be understanding and help you get through this you take care now xxx


could you write your parents a letter telling them how you feel? When i finally told my mum and dad my mum told me she could tell there was something wrong and was just waiting for me to let her know what it was


Thanks for the help and suggestions. I have emailed my dad about it. "The first step is the hardest" is what people say. I could not have done it without your help.


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