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It's been a tough week

I've been in bed for 7 days. Been crying uncontrollably and have suicidal thoughts. I was on citalopram for 5 years but my doctor and I decided to come off it about 2 months ago as it wasn't helping anymore. I was still having episodes of severe depression and mood swings. I expected some kick back from coming off the pills but nothing like this. For the first time my suicidal thoughts scare me and my mood swings are terrifying. I managed to get myself to the GP and she prescribed me venlafaxine which I haven't tried before, and she's referred me to a psychiatrist. I feel really lost at the moment.

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Hi there Cesgaga

Take yourself off to your nearest A&E if you are feeling really bad or do contact

Crisis Support details here:


It may be the results of coming off your medication and just starting another but please speak with someone asap.

Warm wishes



Thanks for your reply Chloe. I'm feeling better now and am back at work :-)


Hello Cesgaga,

I've been on venlafaxine. It works very quickly from what I know of it. I'm trying it at the moment for severe PMS luteal phase only. I find it works in 24-48 hours but depression is different from PMS. But it may get into into your system quickly anyway.

It's an SNRI medication. So not quite the same as the citalopram you were on.

I hope you are feeling a little better?

Wishing you a better next few days

Best wishes 💗

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Thanks for replying Clazzy. It's been just over 3 weeks on venlafaxine and I'm feeling alot better now and am back at work. Thanks for all the info :-)


Hey Cesgaga,

I'm sorry to hear you're suffering quite badly after coming off of your medication. It's really not nice when you realise how dark your thoughts are getting and it actually scares yourself!

Well done for bringing yourself back to the GP though, that must have took a great deal after such bad episodes.

I really hope they are able to find you some help soon, just please hold on in there as it will get better and you will find someone / something that will help you. If it ever gets too much please reach out to suicide crisis lines - they will always be there to listen to you in desperate times of need.

Please take care of yourself and let us know how you get on, we'll love to hear from you x


Thanks for your reply MaisyMay and your wise words! I'm feeling much better now xx

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hang on in there see if you can look up italk in your area they do a fantastic job but it takes a while to get on there program there is so many people that need help,i really did not give those people a second thought until i got ill myself ,i was in the same position as you a year ago ,but now slowly with there help im getting there ,they are councillors not psychiatrists wish you good feelings and a better future


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