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Have I reached rock bottom yet?

As you may be aware I've not been feeling great for the last few weeks. Today has been the worst yet. I am unable to cope positively with my life circumstances. I have been trying so hard to make some progress and I feel whenever I get anywhere somethings happens which destroys it all.

I feel pathetic and weak. I am completely alone and without any support except from this site and my cpn etc.

I have lost everything I loved in my life.

I've had some really difficult things to deal with throughout my life. I've picked myself up and moved on. I've tried so hard to learn from my mistakes. I'm scared I've not got the strength this time, or it's going to make me bitter and resentful.

I thought I could endure this, but today I'm struggling. Lots of dark thoughts.

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Hi there and I'm really sorry that your feeling so isolated and down. I too have been in that dark place, it's horrible but you will get through it.

My advice is for what it's worth

1. Don't put yourself down , you are not weak etc, your ill and it's not your fault.

2. Take things day by day and try to stay focused on the present

3. Try and keep busy , distraction helps,no point looking back.

4. Do One nice thing each day for yourself.

5. DM me any time.

My heart goes out to you. It's a horrible place to be in, but it will pass.



Hello DMM218

Sorry to see that you are really struggling. Is there anything that you can do to try and distract yourself for example, crossword, listen to music, mindfulness meditation/relaxation. Can you write down how you are feeling? Sometimes that can be useful. Do you have an adult colouring book and pens?

You have offered really good advice and support to myself and others on this site. We will always be here to support you. Rest and look after yourself as best you can. Try to be kind to yourself. Take things real slow, break the day into small manageable chunks. It is your illness talking and trying to get a hold. Fight back DMM218, fight back when you have regained some strength. You are worth it, you do matter, your daughter needs you, your dogs need you, we need you. You have that strength inside you, you will find it and reconnect with it. You can do it DMM218, grab my hand and I will help you, come on, that's it. I will help you.................

Love Lottie xx


U always know what to say to me when im feeling down... sending you hugs and kisses babe 💙💙💙


The last thing you are is pathetic and weak. You're strong, strong to have gone through so much and come out the other side. I know what it's like for something to get destroyed whenever you make progress. I know that you are struggling, but like I said you are strong, I'm sure you'll get through it. If you're having trouble (it sounds like you are) you can always message me, or anyone else on this website, and we'll do what we can from here.


And like Photogeek said, taking things day by day and distracting yourself can help.


Hi I know exactly what you mean. You say you are finding it hard to cope with life and be positive. Sometimes all you can do is cling on and go about your normal life. Unless anything requires urgent attention just try 'floating' along with your thoughts in abeyance. Keep busy and do the things you normally do. Don't force yourself to be positive if that's too hard. Time will often make the decision for you anyway.

Some things have a habit of resolving themselves if left alone anyway. This is what I have often found anyway. A big hug for you. xx

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