Ruining My Life

Hi Guys,

I need some advice.

I'm struggling with depression and its controlling my life.

I give up way to easily when depression hits and I need some help with pushing myself past that giving up stage.

I have lost a job because i was calling in sick alot because i just couldn't face the day. I dont find any reason to get up as I cant find anything that I enjoy.

I feel like im living purely to just exist and not live a normal life and i just dont know how to shake it off.


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  • Hi Tigger, first of all you are not alone. Myself too suffering from depression ?find something to distract yourself from negative thoughts? connect with family,friends ,watch funny videos (initially you won't feel anything but believe me it will alleviate it ) also try to laugh often during day. It has wonderful effect as I m using the same .keep yourself busy ,don't stay alone and keep faith on god ,it will pass just you have to be patient ,you can contact me whenever you are feeling low .I am here for you.

  • Hi. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. Depression is such a relentless struggle. You may not feel like you have the willpower to get up and do what you have to do right now, but you will in time because depression cannot last. You have to build your good habits back up because it's incredibly difficult to use willpower all the time for everything. But only do one thing at a time.

  • You are not alone, I have lost most of my friends because of my depression, I had a 12 week course of Cognative Behaviour Therapy, which gave me strategies to help change the way I think, I have been referred back to them as I took a major nosedive when it finished. I have to get up and out in the morning as I have to do a school run, if it wasn't for that I wouldn't get up. Find out from GP what is available in your area, this site is fantastic as we are all going through similar situations.

  • Hi Tigger. Your post is so common to a lot of us on here. Getting up in the morning is very tough when in the grips of depression. The shame of talking about it and seeking help is embarrassing to do. But you have to. Only you can decide to get through your day. I've posted separately on here regarding my current mess, with keeping a job a major part of it, so finding something you enjoy is very important. I'm 45 and sick to death of doing jobs i find no fulfilment from. Coupled with depression since my marital split, I find i have no motivation.

    This site is good for chatting with us who have an insight into this suffering, so you will find talking on here is good to get ideas. But definitely go to your GP and tell them exactly what you said above.

    Take care.

  • I always had great difficulty getting up for work and really struggled. I had loads of jobs until I found one I quite liked and which was well paid. I think this is important. I never expected to have a job I loved - only 1 I didn't hate and dread going to.

    I found it easier to get up and go to this job even though I still struggled. I thought through the options of not going ie having no job, no money, having to make excuses to my employers, having to sign on etc. This seemed more trouble than it was worth. Then I found the motivation to go in. I also found I felt better once I was in and my mind was occupied. In extreme cases I would simply bypass my mind and just tell my feet to get moving. This sounds strange but it does actually work.

    Once I got into the habit of going in I often did it on autopilot and deliberately made my mind a blank.

    I am retired now and don't have to work thank goodness. x

  • Hi tigger, I'm not sure I have any advice but I am also feeling exactly like this. I have had a lot of trouble with staying in work and I know the struggle, you are not alone. Have you tried any medication or therapy before?

  • This sounds very similar to what I am experiencing..... for the last 3 years I have gone from job to job. I walked out of my most recent job in October after being there just over a year and Xmas is right on top of me. I was calling in sick alot and just couldn't face work. My drive and motivation is at an all time low, and gojng back to work after being off is so hard especially when it's a regular occurance. Work colleagues and my manager started getting frustrated with me. The anxiety, paranoid feeling, and distress I felt was unbearable. I want to take a break from life to gather my self but have a family and partner so it's hard. They rely on me. The pressure I feel at the moment is debilitating to the point where the only place I feel safe is when I'm asleep. Other than that I'm a complete mess.

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