I am trying to figure out my life. I have been depressed since the age on 12 years old, back a fourth on antidepressants yet I have never been taken seriously. I go from states of being hypo (mum always thinks it's thy coke I drank, I'm 28) really talkative, to the point that no one really understands me or what I'm talking about to then being so negative, not wanting to talk and just wanna be left to myself - I also don't like leaving the house, I work but I struggle day to day. I have done things over the last couple of years that has caused a lot on damage to m my marriage, which is something I know I'm doing but can't stop even though I know it's wrong! My husband has ended up bailing me out of the situation so many time that now it causing issues as it's going to mean us losing out home. I snap in and out so quickly, I can't take it know more. I need help but the last GP I saw told me 'not to think about it' when talking about my anxiety, this just caused me to live like I was over reacting or being pathetic.Please, i am so desperate for some advise


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  • I think you need another GP!!! You really need a proper diagnosis for your illness!! Honestly that's where you need to start getting the propper help you need. Tell them it's affecting your relationship too.find out who is the best doctor at your practice and ask for an appointment with them. . Don't let them put you off. I hope you can see someone soon

  • Hi I agree you need a different GP. Make a list of your symptoms, your up and down moods etc. and take this with you. It sounds to me more than anxiety is going on here. Ask your surgery for a sympathetic doctor (mine is female and lovely). Let us know how you get on. x

  • When I first went to get a diagnosis my doctor was not very helpful either so I complained to the surgery and asked if I could be seen by someone who is a mental health specialist or at least prepared to actually listen. I know how horrible it feels when you get brushed off by doctors, it has happened to me many times but you just have to keep trying and being assertive

  • There's nothing worse than being fobbed off and not taken seriously. Although I can't give any advice because I am in the same situation.... sort of. Iv had depression form as far back as I can remember. Very young, I was thought of as a naughty child, iv been backwards and forwards to gp millions of times and got nowhere. I'm in the process of contacting the crisis team because it so bad now I have to get help.

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