Hi there ive been in this group for a long time things seem to be getting worse for me lately my depressions really bad im crying a lot im a 52 year old man and im crying a fair bit lately ! Recently i realised i havent been taking my full dose of quetiapine i was missing about 100 mg a day for i dont know how long im feeling distressed as i get really bad dark thoughts but my wife and sister are there for me im getting to the stage were i dont know were life is going ! Reguarding the quitiapine how long does it take to build up to the point were you are getting the full effect ! I m also getting like a feeling like ive got inflamation in my stomach which gets worse the more upset i get i already take Omeprazole and gaviscon at times it does work but not always any help would would greatfull recieved god bless you all !


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  • Hi Celtic,

    You need to get through today, and then you need to go and see your GP. You could be feeling like this because you aren't on the right dose, did you feel better when you were.

    You posted around 20ish days ago to say that you'd been crying then. Is something prompting your distress? Do you feel better after you've cried? Like you've released the emotion.

    Have you spent any time outside? Could you go for a walk today, or sit in your back garden? You can talk to your GP about your tummy too, are you avoiding fizzy drinks and eating the right things?

    You'll get through this.



  • Thank you lori for answering my post you right it was about a month ago i posted simular problems ! when im on the full dose im fine but have real problems when i forget it ! definately will be going doctor if my stomach keeps causing trouble ! My depression may be making it worse due to my crying a bit still finding it hard that my mums no longer with us. Again thank you for answering my post david xx

  • What can you do to help you remember? I have a pill box with days of the week. I add the dosage to the corresponding day and then fill it up when I use it all. I have an awful memory. I got mine for about 89p.

    What you need to know is that you are totally allowed to cry over missing your Mum. You grieve in whatever way you can. Every day also do something kind for yourself. Take an action step forward, even a little one.



  • Hi! have you heard Dr. Kelly Brogman? She's a psychiatrist based in US. You can read her articles regarding depression at, she's not prescribing antidepressants anymore. Its an interesting advocate. Thanks

  • Yes she has an interesting view that seems likely to particularly appeal to Americans. I note she gives lots of evidence reasons to stop medication and then proposes a number of diet and lifestyle ideas, without evidence and of course she would like to sell her book.

    Certainly there is a big place for lifestyle factors, but probiotics, gluten fee diet, avoid toxic household cleaners?.? The list goes on.

    Is she just trying to get her own share of the depression book marketplace?

    Whenever an American has a web page or article, they always seem to be out to make money from it.

    Cynically signed

  • Hi Goldfish I totally agree with you on all those American Drs who espouse giving up antidepressants and following their scientifically unproven regimes. THey all want to make money and could negatively affect people who are Depressed.

    THen they have You Tube Channels and the majority of them are pure money making rackets.


  • here's THE RULE to live by. If they come to you say No , if you go to them it's probably safe to say yes. P.

  • Hi goldfish how are you not heard from you for a while hope your keeping well ! As you can see from my post im having a bit of a rough patch just now really hope things get better soon david x

  • Thanks David. Well I'm still here, but my life continues to disintegrated around me.

    I still can't believe that one person could have so ruined my life and that there is nothing legally I can do about it. I try to mov on but I'm no longer the strong and able person I used to be.

  • Goldfish, I think I take issue with that. Pun intended. Americans are gullible and we like a quick fix, so we make easy targets. I even ordered a book you recommended 'STUCK 'by Mark Riggins. I haven't started it yet, but I did read the ending. p, aka sweetiepye

  • It's just that virtually all these special diets and lifestyle cures seem to be American. Never seen a French or German, Dutch or Spanish. It's clearly a big market in the USA . I don't believe Americans are more gullible but perhaps more likely to look for a quick fix

  • Hi angelindisguise thank you for taking the time to answer my post ! I havent heard of the doctor you mentioned but i will look for the doctor later !again thank you and take care david

  • thanks for that link. i suffer from depression and anxiety too and dont want to take any more medications as my heatlh has been badly affected by them. i will have a look. when i was on another forum coming of those medicines i heard from a man in australia who told me that many people were put on anti psychotics if even there were complaints about thier mental health and he also told me that if they complained they were put on even more anti psychotics. i don't know if this is true i just found an old post that iv missed when i was on the site called mad in america. the amount of people suing the makers of those anti psychotics is phenominal there are even articles by a psychiatrist called dr peter breggen who is totallly against them.. all i know is im not taking them again. love grace xoxo

  • i found that website and the book is a fee ebook.

  • It is not nice to hear you are suffering. This is part of being bi-polar and I don't think any tablets will make it better. I am beginning to understand that we ourselves are the only ones who can control it. I am learning to control the highs .. Am on one at the moment. So rather than do the impulsive stuff at the drop of a hat I am not allowing myself to .. I am using this time to prepare for the lows also.

    Quetapine affects the gut somewhat and inflames the colons. Not very comfortable. These tablets are very potent and so u should use them all or nothing. And so not taking your usual dosage plays merry hell with your system. You are in a constant state of withdrawal I think as your body will be crying out for more.

    These meds are addictive.

  • Hi satsuma thank you for taking the time to answer my post hope you are keeping well ! I was surprised about the quetiapine but take it on board going to get my phyciatrist soon see what he thinks take good care my friend david x

  • And do you know we are not permitted to use personal.names anymore Celtic27

    I will load up Kelly brogan now and see what she says

  • Satsuma a lot of people here use Names here but they are not their real names, so I will continue to use my name.


  • You're not Hannah ? Can any one be trusted? I am so disillusioned. P.

  • Sorry i didnt know. Thank you. For putting me right !

  • Hello

    Nice to see you back, hopefully many may return.

    You have been taking these medications for a while now so there will be the medication build up in your system, so the timeline of getting used to the increase will be lessened. I understand there may be charts showing you half life changes so look for something like that on the Web. That may help in working out how long an increase will take to work

    You could also try the Patient Site that has extensive resources on conditions, medications and treatment plans. There may be restrictions on access there I am not sure. You could also try NHS Choices, they describe medications and explain more about drugs and all the problems in taking them.. Many Surgeries actually use the NHS Choices and the site is Patient friendly

    If you know the drug there are also pages on the web that cover your medications

    Hope that helps


  • Hi b nice to see you on the group thank you for your input you take care of your self x

  • Hi Celtic I'm sorry that you are feeling bad, I have known you a while here on the Forum and I think that you are still if I'd g difficulty dealing with the loss of your Mother. I think you have to try and focus on what you have in life Which is a good wife, and siblings too.

    David your stomach problems would. It help you and Depression and Stress I'm sure it would affect the stomach and digestion, so maybe a trio to the GP would be in order.

    DEpression is something we have to live with and to be Honets Celtic I'm not sure there is an answers, it comes an goes and we just have to take things day by day.

    I hope you begin to feel a bit better soon As that tearful feeling is awful, I know as I'm like that myself at the moment.

    PHotogeek H.

  • Hi Celtic, I'm sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time at the moment. I don't know how long it'll take to get the quetiapine back up to a therapeutic dose for you, but I hope it doesn't take long. It might be worth getting a plastic tablet box with the days of the week on it, from a supermarket, chemist or online. I bought a couple of these so that I can easily see if I've taken my meds each morning and had the right dose. Seems to work well for me and stops me from forgetting. Do you have any self help strategies which you've found useful in the past? One of the mantras that I try to keep reminding myself about is "Small actions make a difference, small changes make a difference". Good luck and I hope that things soon start to gradually improve for you.

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer my post ! Ive got a medicine box already my wife sorts the box out for me its just that i forget to take them !im lookimg round for things to help with my depression im already taking meds so suppose it wouldnt do any harm ! I used to use a self hypnosis but when i had my accident i couldnt no longer follow it may revisit it soon and see if it helps !

  • hi celtic. as you know i was on quetiapine. they work on 7 receptors which some of them are in the brain the eyes and the stomach. they are short acting, if you'v forgotten to take the full dose it will probably take you no more than a week at the most once you start the correct dose again to return to normal.. it took me two years to get of those medicines. before i was on quietiapine i was on olanzapine which work on 17 receptors. i was so very ill withdrawing from them. this may be the reason that your stomach is so upset. The first place i felt the withdrawel when i was cutting down was my stomach. also if your anxious then that will cause stomach knots as the saying goes i had a knot in my stomach. it doesnt matter what age you are if your crying. your a lovely human being with feelings. and as a few people have mentioned its a good idea to get a pill box as its not fair to your system suffering all of this. i know what its like and its care for you mum the way you do i think is far as im concerned to me your a very grateful person who appreciates your family this is something to be commended. thinking of you david and wishing you well. love grace xoxo🤗

  • Hi grace nice to hear from you hope your keeping well ! Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post it means a lot ! Regards the quetiapine they are good when you remember to take them but cause lots of problems when you dont i find the crying gets worse and then ive got to build it up again ! God bless you grace wish you all the best my friend xx

  • you to my sweet caring man, i hope that you feel better soon and i hope that you get a medicine box as you can be suffering like this. you deserve some peace. i think from your posts and our talks that your a very very gentle person, god bless you. david. love grace xo🤗

  • Hi Celtic no wise words but hope things are a but better for you now, crying sometimes is a way of letting painful emotions out hope it helps you :)