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Introduction & my plea for answers

I'm new here, so I'll tell you my story.

Over a year ago, after struggling coping with a group of toxic friends with too many problems I had mistakenly tried to fix, l left my old peers and my identity along with them. Since leaving them, I have noticed my lack of identity. This later spiralled into my consistent strings of anxiety attacks and depression. I no longer leave my bedroom and am in constant fear of myself.

What do I do? Help.


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All I will advise here is talk to your GP and explain how you are feeling. Toxic friends are a problem and now you need to get out of bed and dcide how you wish to move on.

Try night classes or clubs dealing in any interests you may have. If you are Depressed with Anxiety look in the telephone book and see if there are any Mental Health Day Centres, they will give you support and you could be given some form of Therapy to help you.

You need to see your GP and arrange some treatment, He will be possibly able to give local addresses of organisations that will be able to help. The Practice may send you for some CBT to help you move on


Hello, and welcome.

Unfortunately finding one's own identity is something that, in this day/age/culture, is not exactly encouraged. Not when you take a look at the bulk of the media that we're all exposed to; laden with social pressures, expectations and stereotypes.

That being said, it could well be argued that you took a step in finding yours by recognising the toxicity of this group and distancing yourself from them (I seem to remember going through quite a similar thing around the same age).

Do you have anyone close that you can talk to about how you're feeling - a family member, perhaps? A number of the educational establishments I went through offered counselling services, perhaps that is an option? If you suspect you are suffering with depression it's worth visiting your GP too, but they will probably advise antidepressants before any form of talking therapy.


Sorry to hear this but I can kind of identify your issue as a woman I work for is also toxic and drags me down making me sad and miserable. It's got to the point that I don't even want to go to work anymore , I think you have done the right thing leaving these toxic people behind ,you may feel lonel at the moment but give it time and you will see how great you feel xxx


Well done for ditching your toxic friends, that's a wise move. At 16 you're still very young so your identity is still developing and emerging and that's something that happens over years, not days, weeks or months. So try not to concern yourself too much about that part of things. Concentrate on getting out of your bedroom and starting to get your confidence back. Small steps and move slowly. Good luck.


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