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hi everyone, this is my first post... new to this app... i'm going to just unload.

i've had depression for nearly 8 years, have never coped well with it at all... it all started when my auntie passed away and i have never accepted it...

things gradually got worse for me to the point i couldn't take it anymore and ended up in hospital... i find it difficult to cope with everything... i have a lot of 'issues'... dealing with them all is really hard... especially at my age...

things got better when i met my current girlfriend... she was/is my motivation... she helps and understands me more than anyone ever has... i was the happiest i've ever been since she came into my life....

she pushed the depression away...

but now recently depression has decided i'm not allowed to be happy anymore and has come back stronger than ever... ruining my relationship.. caused havoc.... ruining myself... i don't want to be like that again...

i apologise for the long post... had to get it off my chest... :(

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Hi, I know this is a crazy hour to be replying but I can't sleep tonight! I have had depression & anxiety for decades. i'm 66 now. I've recently discovered a natural remedy called 5-HTP which has worked amazingly for me. There are obviously different brands which vary in quality and strength. Here's a link to a very good one.

The details from this brand :- The full name of 5 HTP is 5-Hydroxytryptophan, which is a natural compound that our bodies make from the amino acid, tryptophan. 5-HTP is converted in the brain, into serotonin, which acts as a brain chemical messenger.

5 HTP is a well researched nutrient with over 15 published studies supporting its use. 5 HTP tablets are now a top-selling supplement in the USA and its long history of use has shown it to have an excellent safety record.

We insist on the purest grade available, extracted from the seeds of a tree called Griffonia Simplicifolia and not from synthetic versions. Each tablet therefore provides 100mg of pure 5-HTP, a level which matches that used in published studies. Twice the strength of many brands.

It's natural and it definitely works for me. Good luck

Is this protandim? X

5HTP is natural. I don't think it's the same as Protandim.

Hello Hidden and welcome to this supportive community, I am glad you felt able to unload. You do not say what help, if any, you have tried, is your GP supportive, how old you are even though you say 'at my age'?

Please talk to your GP about it before taking anything new especially if you are on medication or have had a bad reaction to any previous meds.

It sounds like you were very close to Auntie have you tried bereavement counselling?

Do get back...

So sorry to hear your having a rubbish time. I do understand lose, my mum passed away four years ago she was a rock in my life, it hit hard, I had a break down. Suffered suicidal thoughts and psychosis. Things can get better if you access right support, GP is a good first step and crisis team (mental health) can offer support. Mind the charity have great support groups. Make sure you reach out for support, all the best

hi I kinda was in the same situation.i lost my friend then my mum in just over a week then my girlfriend left me the week after.i had hit rock bottom.after a couple of months I was in another relationship and still am and this was 7 year ago.when the relationship started my depression/anxiety eased and things felt good again but after the honeymoon period I started slipping just after my son was born.hang on in there I'm sure your girlfriend will be with you every step of the way.

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