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Hi am new to mood is horrific I shake I'm ok one min the next I feel a raving lunatic I'm starting to hear & see things I've not eating food for 5 months I'm living on complan, I buy stuff I don't need,my memory is so poor,my mind is on overdrive never stops,anxiety,feel like a manic depressive & I cry all the time. Does anyone have any answers for me? I NEED HELP! I'm on meds seen councillor doesn't work.

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Hi and welcome to the community. You have not eaten for a few month so that will make you feel crazy and give you hallucinations. What are the meds you are on ? I advise you to see your doc and get an appointment for a psychiatrist

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I'm sorry you are going through this... Actually, this does not sound like depression to me... It does sound as if you really need to pursue seeing a therapist...a good one that you feel you can be completely honest with.... I don't really feel that meds alone will do you much good if you have not had a proper diagnosis... Please talk with your Dr and ask him/her to recommend a good therapist... OK? OK! Best wishes to you...


Hello. I'm sorry that you're suffering so much.

Have you seen a GP or psychiatrist recently? What meds are you on and how long have you been taking them? IF not you need to see a medico ASAP and have tour meds re iewed preferably by a psychiatrist.

Why are you not eating? I'm not a big eater but if I go without food for 1 or 2 days, then yes my mind is all over the place, and yes I see all manner of things when I close my eyes. You MUST eat a SOLID and nutritious meal every day. Alternatively, eat small meals during the day. Eating nourishing food will also help your body and mind to heal.

What treatment is your counsellor using on you? If you're not happy with the counsellor, are you able to source a new one?

There are lots of YouTube clips to help with relaxation and breathing. You could also check out The Anxiety Guy. He has a forum here and on YouTube.

But first, you need to calm down. Focus only on your breathin .... in .... hold .... out. Slowly.

Also, you need to get to the heart of the matter: how, when and why did you get to where you're currently at.

Please do keep us updated.


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The fact you are not eating fresh meat & fruit & veg your body is greatly deprived of nutrients Vitamin & minerals which can cause many mental & emotional symptons as well physical signs.Please seek a holistiic dr who needs to test your blood for Haemoglobin,iron,ferritin,folate,active Vit b12 serum b12 .MMA,homocysteine,Vitamin D,cortisol & liver function tests.The shakes ,mood swings,anxiety,crying ,depression,,memory loss is all related to the nervous system which is not being maintained.Please check for life saving info.


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