Hi guys just going of my last post about be starting to see psychiatrist today, I'm still waiting for him to ring so I can go, anyway something I told them yesterday was everyday I feel like theres something or someone else inside me I'm fighting with every day, I can't look in the mirror because I see someone else, not me, and it's making me take bad decisions in life which that isn't me, I'm so tired of fighting this thing if I don't get help now then the only way I can go out and kill that off is to take my own life, then the crisis team looked slightly shocked, and said I'm showing major signs of dissociation, has anyone else suffered dissociation before.

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  • Hi again. :)

    I have to some extent. On a few occasions, most often during social interactions, I've felt like I've been watching myself from the outside. Or, where I'm inside my own head, but some other person is currently in control of what I'm saying and doing. It is very unsettling.

    I hope you get somewhere with the psychiatrist. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi thmas that's exactly what I get, especially the watching my self from outside BUT looking from outside I dnt see me I see someone or smthing completely different, just like when I look in the mirror, I look dwn at my chest because I don't see me, even some photos of me and ex in the past, ive blackened my face out because I dnt see me I see smthing sooo different and that's scary

  • Yer I have experienced disassociation totally

  • I still am if I am honest

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