hi I am new, looking for some advice

Hi I am Stacey, I am seeking some help with how I have been feeling. I noticed something changing with myself 3/4 weeks ago. I became nervous and anxious about things I would usually do and enjoy, since then things have become more and more intense. The last 2 weeks have been awful for me, i have felt exhausted most of the time! My appetite is either non existent or I binge eat until I feel ill. I feel as though all the colour have gone from my life and I am living in a grey world at the moment, my spark has just completely gone and I feel so sad about it. I have not seen anyone for help yet as I was hoping I may get better on my own, but after lots of tears from me tonight my partner has told me to go and see a doctor tomorrow. Please someone tell me I am not alone in how I feel and that the GP will take me seriously. I really don't think I can face another day feeling like this. Thanks for reading

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  • Hello Stacey, you are certainly not alone in feeling like this .Take your partner's advice and see your GP as soon as possible. Tell your doctor everything holding nothing back , as an accurate diagnosis is everything, and with anxiety or depression there are no symptoms to examine just what you can tell your GP.

    Its not something you should be over worried about but definitely something your Gp should be approached about.


  • thanks for your reply. I am just finding the whole thing very hard at the moment, this is so out of character for me and it is really worrying and upsetting me. I really do hope there is something the GP can do to help/advise me as I don't know how much longer I can cope with this.

  • Hello again Stacey , I'm pretty old and you would think I would know my character pretty well by now, but still out of character things occur. I can imagine that it is worrying and upsetting but don't. I know that's practically impossible as is the advice I'm about to give but its what you should be aiming at even if like the rest of us you can't achieve it. Just get as near as you can.

    The advice is the old saying "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof". This language is a bit old fashioned and hard to understand but I think what its saying is this. Don't worry about things that may happen in the future until you get there and find out if they are going to happen. If you are worried about something in the future you can worry about many different bad ways it can turn out. When time passes and you get there there is uaually only one bad way it turns out and all the worries about the other ways have been a waste of time. In fact most often when you get there it does n't turn out badly at all, and only very ,very rarely as badly as anything you've imagined. That's not to say you should be unprepared . Obviously if for example you have an exam. in a month it makes sense to prepare for it , but it does n't make any sense at all to take up valuable preparation time by worrying about it.

    This advice is so obvious I feel a fool for typing it but never the less we forget it so often. Even when we remember it its very difficult to apply but its what you should be aiming at, always and always.

    Your situation is clear , you have a problem with nervousness and anxiety as do so many. This is not a job for a mechanic or a bookmaker, its a job for a GP. When he tells you what's wrong (probably nothing too serious ) then you can worry or not worry ,once you know. Even then its better not to worry ,just take his advice. or medicine if he prescribes something. If you are not happy get a second opinion.If his advice does n't get results for you ,go back.

    What else can you do thats useful ? Remember "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof" If you can always apply that you 're a genius and I hope you'll post and tell us how. I'm pretty old and don't always remember it but I am getting fairly good at it and we should always aim at that even if we can't always do it.

    When you get to the day and finally might have to cope with a problem concentrate on the best you can do to solve it . When you've done your absolute best you should be content as no one can do more. That's also difficult but again its what we should aim at.


  • Hi stacey, just want to say hello and do hope your getting the help and support you need, im a therapist and specialise in anxiety disorders. Sometimes anxiety can come on and be triggered from something years ago, but one trigger can start the anxiety. Look when it started and if there was anything at that brought it on. Its really hard to say because i can not talk to you in person, but when we feel that our well being and emtions change it makes us feel very down and unhappy. See your gp and talk to someone professionaly if you can, they can see you in person then and really look at you in person, your life and past experiences that sometimes we forget. So its better to see that person face to face. I do hope your better xx

  • Hi thank you for your replies. I spoke to my GP today. She was so lovely and explained to me that I am not crazy or mad but I am poorly. She has given me some tablets to try and referred me for some talking therapy. I do have an idea how this has started. I suffer with crohns disease and often have anxiety about the symptoms when I am out especially in unfamiliar places. A couple of times this year I have had panic attacks because of it. However usually in between these episodes I am a very happy, enthusiastic person. For some reason as the moment that person isn't there but I'm hoping I will be able to get back to myself again

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