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About antidepressants


Hi in regards to your post about do antidepressants work I have been taking them for going on 15 years + and out of this time I have been weaned off them and back on them I am sort of wondering that the NHS isn’t doing their jobs right as if it was just depression I would have been sorted by now and yet I struggle with low mood high bouts of energy and so on every time I see a doctor it’s just put down as it’s all to do with my brain injury that I had when I was four but still I am taking antidepressants and I don’t feel 100% because I still have bouts of wanting to hurt myself wanting to end my life and not giving a care in the world I feel as though I am just a waste and shouldn’t be here it’s not fair how it is

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15 years is a long time to struggle. You have to keep in mind that some depression is chronic and will hang around forever. You say you have low moods and high bouts of energy. Do you only carry the diagnosis of depression?

Mayb another opinion on your meds? Would that help do you think?

I have been trying to get seen by the mental health team they said it’s personality disorder and the last time I saw them they said it’s something to do with emotional or something or over I don’t know what is what with the head injury also am at a lose because no one wants to listen been like this for years I do think I am wasting my time with them I know that I am ok nothing like I use to be couldn’t remember what I had for tea and so on years ago having blank spots not remembering anything but I do feel as though I am been over looked and not listened to

Make another appointment with your GP, write down a list of your concerns and worries.

Explain you feel can something not be done in a different or inclusive way like CBT.

Try and explain you wish to move on, it seems you are questioning the treatment pathway you are on at this time.

We do not know what happened to you when you were four years old, or how old you are now. It would be nice if your problem could be addressed in a more proactive way.


Thanks bob,

I was hit by a car when I was four had to learn to walk and talk all over again I struggle with making sense of things thank goodness for smart phones, making a list has been done before writing stuff down about how I am feeling and so on moods through the day and nothing is taken into account I suffered with pain all my teenage years I am now 42 and still have pain, I don’t know how or where to turn because it seems to be that doctors don’t want to listen as I have tried so so many times to get help.

Thinking I should be locked away forgotten about as that’s how it feels just left to it and a racing mind that never slows down thinking stuff from people are going to hurt me from I may as well not be alive the medication takes a little edge off but it doesn’t help me really stops me from flying off the handle for no reason


I was involved in a nasty crash in my twenties, like what you must have been I had problems with Mental Health from that date and over time I came down with PsA that has left me disabled and suffering Mental Illness for most of my life.

All I can suggest like in my case the disruption in your early life has not been fully addressed and you have suffered possibly PTSD, if that fails to be addressed during early stages that can stay with you and it can be the devil to cure it. I suffered brutality as a child at the Dentist and I still at sixty eight need sedation before any treatment, they cannot address this fear.

Your GP may be considering something similar, given that using medications is all He can suggest. That is no consolation to you you want some sort of normality in your life so you can move on

Make a double appointment and ask outright if there is anything they can do for you.

I know in my case I have been on AD drugs on and of since being a child, I have a review tomorrow although my Wife has been told AD are in my life fore life as are pain medications. Your GP has the answers, we need to work with them the best we can.

Remember your GP is in partnership with you in the interests of your health, given that hopefully there MAY be other pathways that can be taken. If in chronic diagnosed pain, all I can suggest is Pain Clinic, Mindfulness and ways of controlling your discomfort. TENS work for me when in flare.


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