I'm lost and can't find a way back !

Hi I'm new to this sight I have been battling depression and anxiety for years all was well I had my beautiful baby girl 15weeks ago and she's the only thing that's keeping me in this world at the minute I just feel so lost I can't remember the last time i felt "normal" i can be so happy then I just snap and in a horrible mood I cannot describe it feels like I'm trapped I don't know how to put it in to words how I feel my partner just thinks I'm being over dramatic or moody but I just wish he could walk a few steps of my life with my head I feel everyday is a constant battle I'm so moany at the kids and stepkids but i don't mean it I just can't seem to think positive I'm always stuck in a rut and think so negative but I'm waiting for something to happen as all my life when I have been a bit happy something has took it away my heads all over the place and i have lost the person I used to be I over eat emotionally I want to be along but when I'm alone I don't like it I'm pushing my family away I make stories or senarios up in my head and convince myself it's true I DONT KNOW WHATS UP I FEEL NO ONE UNDERSTANDS

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  • Hello there Just16 and a very warm welcome to Action on Depression.

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter. I'm so sorry you are feeling this way, it does sound as though it could be Post natal depression, so personally, I'd suggest you see your GP as soon as possible to get a diagnosis. In the meantime, you're always welcome here for support.


  • Yes I have PND I'm waiting on appointment for CPN my aniexty is through the roof I have had PND with my first who's 10 but I feel this is different as I'm overprotective of my baby and I feel I need her more than she needs me just now its just good to have people which understand thanks

  • You're very welcome Just16

    I really do hope your appointment comes through quickly for you and you may want to consider phoning your GP to ask that he chase up your appointment.

    In the meantime, enjoy you daughter and rest assured, we are here for you.


  • Well we do and so does your doctor so make that appointment asap. Don't forget that as well as your depression, you still have your 'baby head' on. Your hormones are all over the shop. It sounds too that you getting overtired, so access any help you can from your partner, family and friends.

  • I understand the feeling. I am much the same, but there is no-one I feel I can talk to as they all then tell each other what has been said. This is why I come on here to talk through my thoughts. Why not share some of your worries and see if we can throw some fresh perspective on them?

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