Stomach problems

Hi there sorry ive not been around for sometime feeling really low my depressions playing up ive been crying a fair bit lately. And im getting stomach. Problems Which when i eat its coming back on me i always worry that its something really. Bad as my doctor said i catastrophie and make things worse shes proberlly right anyone got any ideas thanks ahead of your replys.

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  • We all probably do contribute too well to our illness, saying that it is so hard not to .. Our discomfort overtakes us and consumes us so much it takes over our rational thinking. Try to keep your head up and engage on here with us a little more .. You are greatly missed Celtic27

  • Hi satsuma glad to see your still in the group thank you for your reply take care david x

  • Hi Celtic27

    If you read some of the posts from fellow sufferers of anxiety/depression you'll see that an upset stomach, reflux, acid, bowel problems etc etc are all a common symptom amongst us, I'm not saying that you shouldn't consult your doctor about this, because I think you probably should, you may be able to get something from your gp to help settle things down? try not to worry to much and drink plenty of water and try and eat healthy, I'm sure you'll be just fine, have a little chat with the gp though and see if there's anything he can do? Plus it may put your mind at ease by talking to him about it, :-)

  • Hi suzie thanks for taking the time to reply to my post ! The thing about my stomach is im already on omeprazole twice a day topped up with gavision ! I would have thought that would have done it but i suppose getting upset a lot will make it worse ! The last time i went to the doctors he pressed on my stomach whilst a bit tender he was happy with it just increased my omeprazole ! Take care my friend david 😃😃

  • Hi Celtic,

    Sorry to hear you've not been to well, hope you feel better soon.


  • Thank you chloe 😃

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