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Depression/Anxiety and Gerd. Kindly help

I am suffering from Gerd ( Gastroesophageal reflux disease ),stomach heat and headache from few years. Initially i went to doctor who told me it's caused by depression and anxiety but i thought it is a problem of stomach, how can it be related to depression. He prescribed me some medicines ( for morning - proton pump inhibitors like nexium --- which he kept changing monthly .....

And for night he prescribed me some anti-depressant medicine [ SSRI ] ) .

Meanwhile i take a morning medication for sometime, which was not effective ,

then for sometime i started taking medicine for night and day . after which i started feeling some good . After that i myself started talking an anti depressant (Escitalopram) at night only for years, i canceled the morning medication, everything was fine . But the problem is if i am stopping having anti depressant medicine for even a single day, i am having same kind of feeling , same Gerd ( Gastroesophageal reflux disease ) and headache which was at starting moment ?

Now what should i do ?

Tests done

ultrasould - Normal

ECG - Normal

Endoscopy - Normal

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Hi there and welcome,

I'm tagging in Goldfish_ who may be able to answer your query.



If your endoscopy was normal there can't be major Gord as it would have shown oesophagitis and the fact it is worse with not using ssri, indicates it is likely due to anxiety or psychological factors.

Work on meditation and anxiety management and try a slow reduction in ssri dose.

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