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Always so painful

Why does life have to be so hard and so painful. ...how do you stop the pain? And how do you find a reson to keep going when every time you think you have found something you always loose it and never really fit in to anywhere, and it just gets harder and harder to deal with constantly feeling like you fail at everything and cant cope with the non stop pain that comes from living...and in the real world, im always alone

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Join the club that's how I feel too. Sorry can't be more help.



I'm sorry that I didn't reply to your first post and welcome you to the community.

You have had a really hard life and you need to give yourself a break. I'm really glad that you have a team of people doing their best to help you.

As far as I'm aware medication that makes you sleep is only intended as a short term solution because you build up a resistance to it. I could be wrong though. It's just that you aren't the first person I've spoken to who has said the same thing.

I know that when I eat certain foods I have really vivid dreams. Like if I have any take away food that contains msg my dreams become crazy. Or if I have sugar before I go to bed.

From my experience, my dreams often force me to deal with things I try to avoid when I'm awake. I have always experienced nightmares, and have the added fun of sleep walking and talking.

Have you always had trouble sleeping? Do you think it could, in part, be a self fulfilling prophecy? You think you won't sleep ergo you don't? Do you sleep during the day to make up for it? I have to get at least 7 hours of sleep otherwise I do not function.

You need to try and do one good thing today. Reach out to a friend, sit outside for half an hour, go for a walk.


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