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I feel the more stress I have in my life the more anxiety i get, to the point i just want to die,the stress seems never ending and the anxiety feels even worse,the physical symptoms are so terrible some days I am bed would take for ever to put down in words what I have been going through!!! but I feel and know there are people out there suffering much more than me, life is no fun and I think what do I have to live for and who would give a dam if i was here or not... pills,counselling,drugs,alcohol,nothing works, been there wore the t shirt ant made countless videos! Feel to far gone to carry on,but at least I wrote my last feelings down,so any of you feeling like this may have a second thought. goodnight,sleep well. love and light to you all xxxx

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Wow - stop the world, I want to get off! Seriously, your anxiety sounds all-encompassing, like mine used to be. Could you benefit from a review of your meds, if you are on any? x


I feel the same I just sit around all day. I want to do things but my mind keeps saying "why bother what have I to live for" I'm scared.


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