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New to this

Hi unsure what to write.... I've decided to give this forum a go hoping it'll help me with my struggle with anxiety and depression.... Which I've struggled with for years and I've only recently decided to get help for.

Well a bit about myself I've struggled with self esteem since I was in high school never feeling good enough and my anxiety and depression has got worse and worse over the years and hit rock bottom again this year after breaking up with my girlfriend, I struggle to make friends so it's quite hard to talk about my problems and to the few friends I have I don't want to bore them with my problems.

I'm trying to improve my mood with going to the gym and playing football but it's a constant battle to get motivated, when you feel like going home and sitting in front of the tv.

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Hi Ben,

Welcome to Action on Depression. Our Forum is very friendly and you'll find lots of support from those who have been through or going through a similar experience, so stay tuned!


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Hello Ben, Welcome home. When I first joined I felt exactly as you do. I had no idea what to write and I wasn't sure how Americans are received. I have to laugh at myself now. I have found kindness, support, information, oh I've had my nose out of joint a couple of times all due to me, you'll see if you stick around.

When you say get help I hope you're talking about a Doctor. Counseling and therapy worked for me, and other people will have suggestions for you also.

Self- esteem , no one can give it to you, you cannot buy it, you have to earn it. It took me awhile to figure that out. Deciding to do something about your condition and then following through on it will help build your self esteem. You have to take your time and set some short term goals and some long term ones . As you begin to accomplish a few things you will build on your self esteem.

I don't have a lot of friends, just a couple close ones and neighbors I've known for many years. I don't talk to people about my problems, that's one reason this forum is so important to me. You may feel quite differently about it, but I find people who haven't experienced it just don't understand.

You will get through this and there will be a whole new Ben.



Thanks pam I thought I'd give it a go see if it helps, only way to find out!

I've spoke to the doctor about talking therapy I'm on a waiting list so hopefully hear back soon,

My self esteem isn't great but I've been trying to change that by positive thinking about exercising a lot more made the gym this week and it's helped massively, I still have my rubbish days but it's getting better from where I was a couple of month ago.



Good for you, it sounds like you're off to a great start. Pam

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You can let it all out on here Ben86w


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