people think they know

its easy to sit and look at someone and think u know all they r dealing wiith and going through but in the end u have no idea what pain someone is feeling on the inside.... I can smile to ur face and hide the most pain on the inside..... it is so sad when u have a partner and they don't even know who u really r and what is really going on with u..... and some wonder y u have manic moments. life sucks but dying on the inside from things u have no control over is even worse..


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  • Hi painpain1

    Sadly life sucks this end for me too I share all of your post the feeling of dying from within and partner not fully understanding just putting it down to oh she's on one. For me my manic episodes had cost me dearly as he walked out two weeks ago, I so wish I had better control of myself back then and regret a lot of the b@@@shit I shouted.

    Now all I'm feeling is loss depression emptiness I thought given two weeks I may start to be getting my head round it but it still feels raw like it only happened yesterday.

    It's hard but let's try and keep going xx

  • so sorry.