Tomorrow is the first day at my new job. I am scared and don't know what to expect and how to behave. I wish I had somebody to explain things to me or at least a pause button for my life to get some time to think about a situation. Usually everything happens to quickly and all of a sudden I am in trouble. Shouting, crying, arguing ... total confusion and than I am fired or they start a disciplinary process and I don't get what is going on because I am still thinking "What the hack is going on?" They ask questions. No idea what to say. I know that words but most of means nothing or something what they seem not mean. That I usual agree to everything in order to get some space to think and most importantly some quietness. Meanwhile I answered some question which will only weakly recall afterwards but they insists I have said XYZ etc. Well in the end I am fired again and the process starts over again. New job, new catastrophes. Less self-esteem. More depression. More problems. More pressure. Tomorrow is the first day of my new job ...

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  • Hey there, have you seen a therapist? Maybe having one can help although they're probably going to urge you to take medication. I'm taking supplements myself, but if you're scared you can try natural remedies. I'm personally scared of switching to all natural because I'm afraid it won't work, but it's just an alternative that might help you :)

  • Hi with a new job no one is going to expect you to know anything at all as you will be getting training on the job etc. Just try and relax and take in what you can and go at your own speed.

    I always say if in doubt just smile and say nothing. The first day is always the worst and it's natural for you to be apprehensive. Just tell yourself that it's a new start. Have you ever had CBT? I think this could help you as it sounds like you are replaying old patterns and perhaps need to learn a new way to deal with events. x

  • Try to change your thoughts about your new job. See this as a gateway for new opportunities which will improve your self esteem and thus lessening your depression. By doing this your actions will also change and will in turn create pathways for a brand new, bigger and brighter future.

  • BET it went great xx

  • Work is not too bad but everything else gets worse. Had an argument again with my wife. I can't do anything right. As soon as I speak about how I feel or what I think (mostly things I don't want to think and I told her that this is not my true opinion) we get into a fight. She doesn't like my attitude and the way I express my feelings. I can't anymore and want to die.

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