Bad routine

Hi again! I suffer from moderate to severe depression along with anxiety and my Dad who is really my uncle doesn't understand or support it. I still get things done and perform activities well, but it's hard to manage my daily life with these illnesses. Therefore my routine is always messed up. My eating schedule is way off along with my sleeping patterns. What happens is that my depression takes energy out of me which makes me procrastinate more than I already do. It takes effort for me to do things like brushing my teeth, changing clothes, etc. so sometimes I'm not ready for bed until like 3 AM and then wake up extremely late. Another thing is my Dad is a really light sleeper so I often wake him up which makes him mad. He sleeps on the second floor of our house and I can wake him up by walking around downstairs. There have been times where he was so mad that he decided to keep me up with him. He doesn't understand why my rhythm is so off and judges me for it. Other people have judged me for this. Does anyone else have the same problem(s)?


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2 Replies

  • This is a good prayer for my situation. Thank you.

  • The serenity prayer are important words and we can change things

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