Lately, I never want to do it. It sounds like a chore. friend texted me today and invited me to our mutual friend's music show and I went. My internal reaction to the text was, "Ugh. I wish she wouldn't have invited me because I don't want to have to go out and act "on" "

But I went. And guess what?! I'm so glad I did. I decided I wasn't going to act like anything other than how I felt, because showing up in itself was enough work. Turns out my friends were glad to see me, and I was glad to see them. I even laughed quite a few times.

So, yeah, feeling more hopeful at least. And I'm so glad I ignored my desire to stay home and just watch Netflix.


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  • I too hesitate at the thought of getting out but once I am dressed and ready to go, I feel better. During and after the event so glad I got out . It is just that time it takes to get out the door , have to really push myself !

  • It is quite a push indeed.

  • Well done you and this is another illustration of the idea that with depression we need to start doing things before our mind wants us to do them! As the mind will tell you not to. So getting ready was a great thing to do (you could tell your mind you are getting ready but that doesn't mean you are going to go) and often by the time you are ready and looking good you are able to venture out and go and even if you don't feel like going at that point it is usually good for you.

    Big congratulations and glad you enjoyed it. X

  • Aw, thank you so much! Yes to the doing things before your mind wants to...a hundred times yes. If I was waiting for my mind to feel like it, I'd probably never leave the house.

  • Good to hear. I'm supposed to be going out tonight for the first time in months. Was finding reasons to say no but your post makes me think I give it a try.


  • Good! Did you go?

  • I did. I had a good time despite being the only one not drinking. It was fine whilst the conversation was on general topics but once it got to the places people are going and the projects they are involved with i got a touch of the bitterness and decided am exit was in order.

    Very very sore today but pleased to have had a bit of a social life at last.

    Thanks for asking


  • Well done Dee; you did the right thing. X

  • Oh good! Glad you went. Not always easy being the only sober one. And not always easy being depressed while around people who seem so damn functional. I try to remember every one's got their own internal battles even if they seem put together. I certainly hide my depression most of the time so who knows what others are struggling with. Anyway, good job making yourself go out.

  • Well done you for going out and enjoying it when you got there. You should to be able to be yourself with friends so well done for that as well. Keep it up. x

  • Thanks, coughalot, appreciate it!

  • That's awesome. I've also gone out a bit more lately.

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