I'm a teenager, almost finishing secondary school. But I know that school isn't the problem. I'm sure of it. And maybe it’s to do with hormones, puberty and all of that nonsense but what I'm going through is bad. I don't care what caused it, I don't if I've had a bad past, to me that doesn't matter. What matters to me is how I am feeling at this moment in time and no can see it when each moment it gets worse and worse. I am telling you, my esteemed audience, that I was happy, I would be so bubbly, I never loved life to the extent of being ecstatic but it was good. But ever since I was a child I would store my "issues" at the back of my mind and would not care of it and wouldn’t deal with it. And after a long period of time I would just deal with it. And that’s what I’m doing now, but I have never knew that what I kept holding in and hiding away was so big that I would just break. It’s like I haven’t gone to the stage where I sort things out and I don’t think I will after a long time. I just think that I’ve broken down with everything that is going on and I am so grateful of this forum. Because another issue is I can’t express and personally the reason I’m not doing so is because I’m scared with what I say, I’ll be judged and they won’t take me seriously so to keep away from that I just shut away, but this time I think it’s too big for me to handle so I need to express what it is and HealthUnlocked has helped me with that. This has helped me and to me esteemed audience I am sorry for the bore but be prepared for more boredom for I have not finished.



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  • Hi there! Please feel free to share anything you want.

  • I know how depression is. Anxiety too. Lived with it for years. Retired teacher. For me I finally found the right therapist for me. A good match. I have tried 4 and had 2 really great ones. It takes me time to finally make time for myself to seek help. I go now once a week. I have tried to eat healthy and that helps. Of course we know all this. Exercise too. But when I am depressed I have no energy to do the work to eat right and forget about exercise. I have been on 3 different antidepressants and can't say they have helped too much if at all. I feel that stressful life triggers are times when I have no energy to take care of myself. I am the caretaker. Slowly learning to let others take care of themselves and trying to concentrate on me. Lost 40-60 pounds eating healthy.,Or so I thought.?Took 9-12 months. Got out of Diabetic range and off blood pressure pills. Dealing with 86,87 year old parents' issues, financial issues and dying dogs right now. A lot at once. I am telling you this because things do get better when you force yourself to take better care of yourself. And situational issues go away and your mood will improve. I find that a therapist is a must. I wish you well. You are young. You can do what is necessary for you!

  • Hi it's hard to advise you without knowing your age. How old are you? x

  • Hi there Purple can I ask what age you are? It will give me an idea of what's wrong.


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