Can we scratch May from the calendar?

I really hate May, every year bad stuff happens in May.

Let me illustrate...

My mother-in-law died in May, heart attack.

My Father-in-law died in May.

My 11 year old son died in May, Cancer treatment killed him.

This month my father is in terminal stage oral cancer, anytime now.

My Daughter is in hospital with complications from a leaky appendix, causing abscesses, during the draining it burst, emergency surgery, and she's allergic to most of the antibiotics, and the anti-sickness medications causes seizures.

My wife went over on her ankle walking the dogs, 5 hours in A&E it's broken, so pot put on, but her other leg has a weak knee so she's almost totally immobile.

I have heart disease, Hashimoto's, diabetes, depression (ha!) and take a cocktail of ten sodding tablets every morning.

Oh and today is the wife's birthday, so cancel the romantic dinner at an upmarket restaurant booked earlier this week.

Shame I can't cancel May as easily.

Roll on June, Then I'll be invincible! (till next year.)



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3 Replies

  • Remind me, what the date today? It's June the 1st right??? :) xxxx

    Sorry to hear all of this, sending hugs.

    Gemma xxx

  • Hello Gemma

    It is the 21/05/2016

    We are still in the month of May

    Do not worry, we all have good and bad times throughout the year.


  • Hello Rev

    We all go through trying times I had several family members who died during a month I would prefer not to mention, Actors will perform a certain play and prefer not to mention its name.

    So I wish you all good luck and hope you have more happy conclusions than negative concerns.

    We are here if you need help although because of the possible deaths etc you may get some health and support from your GP


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