In an OK place

Hello all and thank you for your replies.

I am still in the crisis house; I have to come home to get online and am now having issues with my PC :[

Otherwise, I am doing OK, meds have been strong enough to dislodge the worst of the depression and anxiety; the downside is I still have insomnia, not improving and trying not to over-rely on sleeping tablets. I'm also getting some back to work support. Workplace/managers have not been terribly understanding, overloading me with too much info and 'guilt-tripping' about my absence. I have counsellors and people on 'my side' as it were, to set the record straight, telling me to get myself better first and not hurry back. In all honesty, I've been worse (once off for over a year, no medical help and had to throw the job), but I guess the difference is this time, I kind of got angry somewhere, and found the spirit to demand help. It took a while for them to take me seriously, the first GP was useless but the receptionist, bless her, could see I was in a bad way and helped me get to see my own GP(waiting times are normally 3+ weeks...) The depression is washing it's way through my system, so to speak. I am going out most days for some daylight and exercise, but just functioning at a basic level other than that. I want to thank everyone for being here. I think it was coming to this forum that may have given me the 'nous' to call for help this time.

I'll get back to you when I'm better and stronger, and can find the energy to look at other's posts.

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  • Glad to see you posting and I understand completely about getting back when you are better/stronger.

    There's a way to go yet but you are getting there and well done for asking for help this time and so glad you received it. 

     Hope you get your PC sorted; they can be a pain sometimes, other times a massive blessing x

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