how do I beat my depression

I am aged 58 years and have suffered depression from age 25. lots of pressures in my life, caring for grandma when my children were young, also caring for my father. I hurt myself at work in 2004 and have had 5 operations since then. I was finished on ill health in 2009 from a job I loved. taking trazadone 300mg at the moment and amitriptyline 50mg for nerve pain. I can't seem to motivate myself. any advice on what antidepressants you take, and what you found best. sometimes I wonder if I should come off them all together. the pain I have gets me down, I have put so much weight  I really need some good advice. will it ever end x


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  • Generally we are not supposed to advise on medications, all I can say however my condition is Chronic Pain and take an NSID, Celebrex and Citalopram AD. I have been on strong pain medications since 1985 with the associated depression and CBT at various times of my life. Medications are part affecting memory and they seem to want me to cut back heavy with Amitriptalene as they say ?, this is a dirty drug as far as my treatment is concerned as I have lost most of my short term memories, I am unable to consider more than one action at a time as I can forget. My wife after me having many tests over six months was told not to expect clear memories next day as I forget the gist of what went on twenty four hours later also I cannot deal with two activities at the same time. So I need to write things down. I also cannot answer the telephone as I become confused. I am sixty five years old

    What I am trying to advise is, try to keep your medications down to an absolute minimum, what I have is not dementia, just caused by medications. Over an extended period. They do not want me to stop taking Tramadol, just stop Statins at this time

    Be lean on your medications, there are other AD that can suppress Neuro damage, your GP will keep you right.

    Citalopram I have been told does not need to be reduced as it is a clean AD. I do not know the actual problems with this drug. Immediate actions are not affected I just need to be pushed to remember next day


  • Hi there, as Bob said we're not supposed to advise too much over medication on here as you must always consult a professional. Having said that I will tell you my own experience of medication. I have sometimes felt the same as yourself; that I would be better off off the meds. I have been on a few different AD's. Me too I have a lot of physical pain which gets me down, so I understand very well about that.

    I have tried trazadone and they made me feel weird but the fact of the matter is we are all different. One word of advice, never just go "cold turkey" off meds. If you want to reduce discuss with doctor and do it their way. I was on cipramil which is a bit different in that its what they call a "clean" AD. You can pretty much stop taking it without any side effects but I was still advised to come off it slowly which I have done. To be honest I can't see much difference in me either on or off AD's but once again we all different; some people swear by them. I am going to try a new one setraline and I'm hoping it may make some difference as I can only hope that something can help. 

    Pain there is no getting away from it, it gets you down and you have your fair share of that and of difficult circumstances too. If you feel your meds are making you put on weight and maybe not working then maybe you could ask for a review with your GP and work out a sensible way of changing them. I know the constant feeling of being in pain and sometimes pain medications can have side effects; It's a question of finding a balance and what is right for you.

    Hope this helps a little, Gemma x

  • thank you, yes your post has been very helpful. hope the sertraline works for you x

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