Do i have depression?

I'm 15 and for the past 4 or 5 so months I have been feeling very down, but even more recently it's effecting everything that i once thought was my life. I've taken online tests and they all have said that I have symptoms of it.

There's no one I can talk too and I don't think I can see a doctor without a parent as I'm underage, but I can't talk to anyone in my family, they wouldn't understand and would just have a go at me. My school work is going down hill and I don't have any friends that care enough to notice, I just constantly feel alone.

I have had suicidal thoughts and have attempted once before, after that I've come to the realisation that even though I do want to die, I don't, but I'm just finding it hard to finding a reason to stay considering I'm stupid, alone and all the other bad things I could just think of.

I do cut but not daily, I stopped recently for a month but then something just triggered in me and i started again, it's a sense of release more so than anything.

I don't know what to do or even if I have anything, or if it's just a phase I'm going through.. But if it is, it's becoming to be a really long phase which is effecting my whole life, my school work, my attitude, my weight (which is the only thing that has been upgraded), my moods, my behaviour and my want to do and need to do things. Usually, I'm just inside the house, not doing what most 15 year olds would be doing.

Anything would be great.

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  • Have you got a counsellor at your school?? Maybe you could go and see them. I think the teenage years are very hard and possibly the worst ones to go through with moods all over the place and feeling sensitive all the time. Does your doctor have a nurse. maybe you could speak to the practice nurse and she would decide if you needed to see your GP. I do hope that you are feeling better. I remember my teenage years as pretty desperate. Good luck and go speak to someone soon. xx

  • Hi, I don't know whether you are depressed butif you are self-harming which cutting is then you do need some help in dealing with your feelings. I agree with Jeffju that the first step would be to see whether there is a counsellor attached to the school, but if not then I would see the head of pastoral services at school and ask whether they have a referral system. If not then I would see your GP, you can make sure of confidentiality if it's important to you that your parents won't know you are asking for help, also you can choose where you get referred to so it would be worth googling the different forms of therapy to see which ones you are drawn to and then googling local services to see which one offers that form. It's always best to go with the kind of therapy you feel would be helpful rather than find yourself referred to someone who understands you in ways that don't make sense to you. Do seek help as when you are young emotional problems are easier to treat than when they become more deep seated in adulthood. It would be sad if you let the problems affect the whole of your life, it would be a waste of your potential which will be good as you write very clearly about how you feel and so are clearly able to achieve well. Good luck, and do let us all know how you get on if you feel ok to do that. Suexx

  • Just a thought but if you want to talk to someone anonymously and don't feel you can see GP without parents you could always try Childline 0800 1111....I know you're probably thinking that's designed for people younger than you but having just looked at their website they seem pretty open to anyone with whatever problems you may need to talk about.

  • Hi, do you have a nurse at school? I personally would try and see the gp on my own, how local is it to you, could you pop in after school and chat the receptionist and ask if you could see a nurse (an appointment). Explain to the receptionist it's private and ideally you would like this appointment 'alone'. The message above johnnyboy - brill idea - childline could possibly help you or at the very least guide you in the right direction or how to contact the right people etc.

  • Hi

    It sounds like you would really benefit from support of some kind,as above Childline is a good support network or the samaritians.

    My 15 yr old was struggling at school and had been cutting herself, going through a rough time , she eventually confided in me and we went to GP together she was diagnosed as having Depression, she was referred to CAHMS ( Child& Adolecent Mental Health Service) and The Junction to talk over difficulties on 1:1 basis, which is totally confidential and this has really helped her.

    If you cant confide in an Adult or parent hopefully you can find some help /support at school. My daughter saught help from school nurse before she felt able to tell me ,and from the head of pastoral care who was experienced in helping teenagers who self harm,have anxiety or depression.So could be beneficial to enquire if you can access some help from school.the school nurse should be able to give you advice on who to see.

    The teen years can be really tough please don't think you are the only one going through these difficulties, there is help out there.

    Hugs x :)


  • do you hae a grown up person who talks to children about worries they have,there is one at the midde school where i cross children l,if you havent samaritans

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