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When faced with difficulties, I run away and hide. It's so much easier to be cowardly. A lot of times though, there are things that I can't run away from and must solve on my own. 

People can walk with me, but they can't walk for me. I get that. However, it sure is scary and lonely having no one to turn to for emotional support when faced with adversaries and I definitely need a friend today because I'm finding it so hard to convince myself that I've got this.


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3 Replies

  • hello aj36. Everyone runs and hides in some situations .Its a natural reaction to difficulties but as you've realised it solves nothing and usually makes things worse.You have to face it in the end.

    Unless you are the absolute pits which I'm sure you are not you'll have friends, but your mood might be making it hard for you to recognise this. 

    Usually the most likely people to give us support and to keep this to themselves are family members. Is there no one in your immediate family you can turn to for some support ? You also have friends here. Because most of us have suffered similar problems we feel for anyone going through the same as we have suffered. That is a remote friendship of course and impersonal but just communicating your problems on this forum will probably help you feel a bit better and hearing that some of us have suffered the same problems will help you feel less alone.

    It's not quite as good as having a family member or close personal friend to help but in one way its better as posting anonymously should make it easier to tell the problem,which improves your chances of getting the right advice.

    I can't give you a big hug but do feel for you so good luck and best wishes.


  • Hi Olderal, thanks for your well wishes I really do appreciate them cos well, I've managed to hole myself up till I've got zero friends and the only people I talk to are my mom and dad and even then, hardly at all. I am a mess right? I would love to have friends again or even just one true friend, but meeting new people turns my insides to jelly. Yes, I'm even too cowardly to make friends =(

    Thank god for this online platform to ease my loneliness and thanks for letting me know my cries for help are heard. 

  • When you emerge again you'll find that many of those friends will still be there , and will be friends again. Don't rush it ,it will happen.

    A few might vanish but they probably were n't worth having. Depression is a lonely awful business but it always ends and it will for you too. Until then yes, you are a bit of a mess but we've all been there and when you're better you'll be able to help someone else maybe, who's a bit of a mess. You'll have plenty to go at There's lots of humans in a mess.


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