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Hello all

I was looking through the other health unlocked forums last week and found action for happiness. It looks like a good outlet for your silly side, a nice way to share funny and lighthearted things. As well as adding to self-help advice.

I don't want to drag the positive posting away from here, but the happiness forum does look underused. I just signed up on it, shame it is not a busy site yet..... It could be really useful..

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  • Hi there Gardengnome thanks fir that and I will have a look myself, a littleLught relief never gives astray.


  • hannah your always humourous when called for ! hope you are keeping well

  • Had a look at the site it is very short of members


  • Hence the recruitment drive Bob, the idea behind it seems good, it needs something to push it along

  • I suppose so I will dip in and out for a time.

    How are your jokes,? You will need to brush up a bit. It could be kill or cure


  • for some reason you've put Monty pythons "galaxy" song into my head


  • Hi I have had a look and it does look good. Are you sure it's on HU? I couldn't find it under other communities so googled it. I love this quote

    Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action" ~ Benjamin Disraeli

    Bev x

  • Hi bev if you click onto My Communities at the top of the he page it gives you the option to find any of the HU communities.

    Either type what you want into the search box or scroll onto the A-z and action for happiness is the third one down in the middle column

  • Ok found it and joined. Have put a reply in to your post! There are other Happiness sites too and at least 1 on fb. Bev x

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