Hi friends, I need your advice and support. Being agoraphobic it's hindering my work life and normal day to day activities most of the time I feel afraid, I can't do things with concentration and comfort when surrounded by people.i think they are judging me ,I can't bear staring at all ,it so uncomfortable for me I usually run away from gathering or try to avoid social situation,i feel so alone and dreaded almost all the day .I am not enjoying my life .I was on medication earlier and found that it gives temporary relief only .so quit the medicine morning and evening time is worse time for depression is on extreme at this time.


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  • Maybe try to incorporate music time where when these episodes happen slam on some tunes .. This will help I speak from experience. Gradually you will notice a difference.

  • Thanks I will try.

  • All it takes is small changes to gain big rewards. You reap what you sew

  • HI maybe you should go back to your GP as if it's affecting your life it's important to get a proper diagnosis, there are lots of medications that might help so don't give up till you find the right one. When I am very Depressed I hate going out and I feel anxious or more anxious meeting people and for me that Agrophobic thing is a symptom of Depression and when my Depression improves that improves, so my advice is to ask your GP for help as Agrophibia can be very disabling and can get worse if you don't take a medical advice on board. Hope this helps, Let me know how you are and what your GP says.


  • Hi I agree with Hannah. I will also go further and ask if you are having any counselling? I think this could help you. Agoraphobia can get worse unless you seek help.

    When you are out and about the thing to keep telling yourself is that no one is judging you, they are too busy worrying about themselves and their own problems to pay you any mind. To put it another way - you are not important enough to them for them to bother judging you. I hope this helps. x

  • I will probably sound like a cracked record here :) But when I had this many years ago I purchased two books by Dr Claire Weeks , Self Help for your Nerves and Peace from Nervous suffering they cured me when all else failed and continue to do so if I have any set backs, look them up you won't be sorry you did :)

  • hi, I'm agoraphobic to. I stay at home all the time. I have my groceries delivered anything I need I pretty much can order. I have one person that comes to my house once a month. She takes me anywhere I need to go that I can't do something. Like October I needed to get my driver's license renewed. I don't drive anymore, but I thought it would be a good idea to have itupdated anyways. It's good for 4 years. I hope I won't be living that long. I really don't want to live that long.this is really an awful life. I basically have no friends or family. I don't C anyone accept my therapist and psychiatrist maybe you once a month a piece if I can manage to force myself to get out of the house that frequently. I need to do that at least to stay on my medication.when I see my psychiatrist she gives me a prescription for medication. I mail it to the pharmacy, and fill it and deliver it to me at home. a lot of stuff is done with only one visit out of the house.

    It is so hard to leave. As lonely as I feel all alone in the house for sometimes weeks at a time - when it comes time that I have to leave the house, I get so anxious I can barely stand it. Just writing about it is raising my anxiety level right now, and I don't have to go out until tomorrow.

  • may i ask what is your medication and if it is helping you in any way ?? i also don't get out of home only in rare cases but because of OCD and IBS together making my life unbarable and disabilitating.. i'm still in the path of searching for a good medication that will not aggravate my IBS.

    Hope we both find our way out of our misery 😳

  • i was agrophobic completely house bound after an abusive relationship for 7years. my whole life revolved around the house, i was scared of having a bath and would ring my friend while i was in the bath for constant reassurance. i had two young children and my mum would help woth them. One day in 2003 i was sitting in my kitchen looking out of the window thinking is this life? I was afraid of everything. I walked from my house to the local hospital across the road from me shaking like mad, i went to the human resources department and got a job application form. You cant imagine the state i was in when i reached home. i applied for a job and was successful oh no how was i going to cope. I did and i use to pop off the ward where i worked having massive panic attacks and i kept reassuring myself nothing was going to happen to me and noticed that i wasnt panicking over panicking. The weeks went by and i found my fears decreasing. I got my confidence back and even surprised my psychiatrist who said i was the worse case he had seen. Dont let anxiety and panic take your life over it did it to me and i broke that circle, i had cbt therapy and it never worked. You have to change your method of thinking, insteadof thinking bad thoughts think to yourself if i go out nothing is going to happen to me, i am in control noone is looking at me. Believe me you will get better but you have to help yourself no tablets will cure you, they help a bit but its you that has to do it. Good luck and remember that it will go away just remain positive.

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