Am I depress am I a insucure guy ?

I'm depress down to my ex girlfriend  she made me feel like I'm a insucure and feeling like I don't want to be here no more I want to know am I really that insucure guy or was she putting her faults on me as I love this girl to pieces and her kids and since she out my life I  feel like I lost everything it been 3 months and she move on with a new how long before thing start feeling better cos honestly I don't know how much more I can take 

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  • Hi I don't know if you are depressed as there are no medical professionals on this site.  If you think you are you need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis.  x

  • Thanks for the reply as I feel like I just need some help I a 31 year old man that has been quite strong till the last year  or so I mean  now I cry everyday and I'm hoping speaking to people's going through the same hell must help

  • You are welcome.  You might find though you get more help on a relationship site,  there are quite a few of them if you google it.

    Whilst I know we all on here have relationship experience this is specifically a depression site and the bulk of the help and support is for that.  

    Depression is a serious illness and, while I am not trying to diss your feelings,   is a lot more than the normal pain over a failed relationship.  Good luck.  x

  • I know that but I'm saying basically my situation has just made it worst I suffer depression that's part of the reason it fail so basically I want to sort this depression I not worked in years never wanted to take my girl at the time out and the real reason is I was just in this low place and this all happin has just show me how depress  I really am my depression cost me my relationship and has slow but surely affected my mental health  

  • Hi Bradley, sorry to hear that mate. Im in a similar position to you. Girlfriend left me just after xmas and i had become insecure in the run up to the break up but felt like my fears were being fed by her turning me into an insecure man that i wasnt before. I have previously been on and off with depression and this was something that affected the relationship which made both the depression and the relationship harder. (at least nowhere near as much) I'm not as low as i was but i'm still extremely depressed a lot of the time and it can still feel unbearable. Let me know if you want to message or anything i can do mate.

  • Sorry Bradley wasn't having a go and I am sorry you suffer from depression too.  It's just that we seem to get a lot of people in here who treat this just as a relationship site.  

    We are very supportive of anyone suffering any mental health disorder here so how can we help you?  Have you ever sought treatment for your illness?   Are you on any meds and/or counselling?  

    I know it is often harder for men to seek help than women so congrats on coming in here and asking for support.   You have taken the first step.  If you haven't already you need to see your doctor for a firm diagnosis.   Without help you run the risk of all your relationships being ruined by the black dog.  Counselling would help you to see patterns of behaviour and hopefully you could change.

    Can you give us any more information about yourself please?   Oh if you want to lock your post it remains much more private otherwise it could end up anywhere on the web (and the replies too).  x

  • That fine I understand  that and I have been diagnosed with pernicious anemia which has depression with it and I have tried and waiting on the NHS for the help to go to a group or something but on a waiting list and the sad thing is it took till now my  relationship destroy to the point of no return for me to see how depress I really am

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