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Black cloud

Today has been like I have been under a blackcloud all day. Dull dark dingy and chance of rain falling from my eyes.

Well that's what it feel like!! 

Today has just flew by and it's like I haven't acknowledged a thing. I even burnt the garlic bread making dinner which is rare for me :/ 

When will this cloud lift. I want bright sun, blue skies and bright colours again 

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Hi hun, I have even burnt boiled eggs! there are always days when it feels like a cloud is following you around and I so hope you manage to soon escape to a sunnier spot where everything you do turns out better than you expected xxx.

Sometimes we just need a good friend to put their arm around and give us a hug and that little bit of love can be enough to help turn things around to a better day, other times we need something much stronger like counselling or cbt to help longer term. 

Maybe the most important thing is not to bury depression in side, but to talk it through with your medical professional as to what your needs are for the best, but remember they are not God's and there is never one cure fits all, so it will always be finding what is right for you as a unique and wonderful person who can beat this and find so much more to be happy about.

Take care, lots of hugs xxx

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