What should i do

ok so for seems like forever i stopped eating alot skipping breakfast skipping lunch skipping food entirely some days and its at the point where 1-3 cans of pop will make me feel not hungry and i was just living off that for quite some time...

Now my family knows about me not eating but idk how much they know reallly only my sister who i intially told knows how im feeling and i have no clue what to do about my eating habits as it is i only get hungry in like 2 days of not eating but if i eat before then i feel sick like if your full and eat more i cant turn food down anymore as everyone knows so i told them if they want me to eat it bring it to me otherwise il eat when im hungry but ive been doing this so long ive got no clue how to eat normally anymore this is normal to me what can i do

and btw i felt as in this did not exactly link with depression but how i see myself is a major cause of my depression...

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  • Leo you have messed up your body by starving yourself. Your stomach has shrunk to such a point that you don't feel hungry now. However you must eat or you will die.

    I looked back on a couple of your previous posts and you got lots of good advice. Did you take any of it? We can only give you advice here - we can't make you take it. That's up to you. There is no magic wand you know. You can recover but only if you want to. There is no point us giving advice if you refuse to take it.

    I will repeat what I said previously and hope you listen this time. You have a serious eating disorder and you need to see a doctor urgently. Unless you want to die that is. It won't be pretty and you will be in a lot of pain.

    Now go and see your doctor and tell them what is going on. Can you come back in this time and let us know please. x

  • You sound like you are feeling hopeless. I would recommend you see a doctor asap and be very open and honest about how you are feeling - you may need professional help here. If you have a close family member of friend to talk about this, that will also help. There may be a number of reasons why you might feel like this and you need to begin to explore why this has happened. You body needs to be healthy to have a health mind; they are interlinked. There are many people who go through this and have found their way back with help from professionals and family/friends. Try to cut the 'pop' down to 2 cans...then 1can... and try to see if you can substitute healthier foods over time. Poor for eventually leads to poor physical and mental health. Perhaps you need to speak to a dietician about your eating habits and how to reform them.

    Let us know how you get on. I wish you peace and well-being.

  • If you are not eating and this has been going on for extended period your tummy will contract and become smaller, this in turn will prevent you from eating properly as the food will be unable to enter the gut so you will vomit up what you have tried to eat, Your tummy will now be burning itself with digestive fluids.

    Generally if you are taking fluids that should enter the gut and run through the insides and pass out of your System.

    Your body needs food and the situation you find yourself in will need to be supplied through in liquid form as your tummy needs to recover some of its original size to accept food.

    You have seemed to now be past not needing help to a situation where you need help urgently as your body will also be feeding upon itself and your blood will lose content.

    You will die !!!!, if nothing is done.

    Please phone the NHS Helpline on 111 and explain your situation, you now need hospital care and also some mental health intervention.

    We can do very little from here it is now up to you, at least call your GP and explain what you have done


  • Firstly admitting you have a problem is a start in the right direction :) I have battled a eating disorder a long with depression and anxiety for a very long time so i know what this is like. It can start of as a bad habit skipping a meal here and there and before you know it you have no appetite and eating becomes a chore!!! What i didn't realize at the time was how this would affect my health later down the line. Starving ourselves which is really what we do causes problems with your bones teeth etc. I have been eating well for a long time now but still find it difficult during stressful periods etc. Apart from habit forming it can become something we can control when everything else is out of our control..if that makes sense. Please like everyone says go to the doctors and explain what is happening and grab the help they offer. This is an illness which needs treating now before it gets more out of control..i wish you luck..and please know you are not a lone