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what should i do?

what should i do? my wife dis respect me and she is always paranoid that she think im cheating on her, the fact that she's the one who cheated on me before, what should i do, she always using our daughter as her threat that i would not see her again. she's so unfair i did everything i gave everything God knows whats the truth. shes making me fall in my spiritual life, and because of that im back in drinking and smoking, i have faith in God i just dont want like this feeling evrytime shes paranoid she always want out in my life.. what should i do?

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People naturally judge others by their own moral standards. If she's been unfaithful to you in the past I daresay it'd be quite easy for her to suspect you of same.

Perhaps the pair of you should seek some form of guidance or counselling, especially if there's a child involved.

Also just to clarify, this is a sub-forum for discussing depressive mental health disorders.


I would imagine the choice between continuing to live with someone who verbally abuses you, and puts you down, or threatens to stop you seeing your beloved child if you fight back or leave, is very depressing.

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Sometimes this sort of behaviour becomes a game and many couples continue this to gain attention, some people do not realise they are performing this rite and all that happens it feeds upon each of you

Personally I would go for some relationship counselling, you will find organisations in the telephone book or you can ask the GP Surgery when you go with your Wife as its seems to me, you both may have Mental Health Issues such as anxiety.

There is very little we can do on this web site when it comes to relationship problems as we are usually dealing with Depression.

Personally I feel sorry for your Daughter who must be feeling depressed and anxious been stuck in a disfunctional family who is always argueing

If the marriage is bad there may be only one course of action, you are both adults. I understand the latter may be a problem with people of faith.

Both you and your wife really need to sit down and talk without losing your tempers

If your GP feels you are both depressed treatment can be given, we will then be able to give some support



First behave with respect to yourself, before you can expect respect from others. Stop the drinking and smoking and hold your head up high. Be the example to your daughter you want to be. Then, whether you stay or go, your daughter will respect you. That is all that matters.

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Its your choice to drink and smoke nobody can MAKE you do that...

Usually when someone has cheated they fear the other one will do it...you need couples counselling , you owe it to your daughter to work on this and to show her how adults deal with problems.

Blaming your wife for the choices your making is not going to help the situation its just going to make you resent her.......Speak with your pastor about your spiritual health and pray about it

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