I'm just going to put this as bluntly as possible because I physically can't go into it any further. I'm 17, and when I was 15 I was raped by a man I thought was a friend, he was 20.

It's been a little over 2 years and I can't forget about it. I hate the fact I feel like a victim all the time. I tried looking it up myself and things came up about possibly having PTSD but I'm not sure. I've never told anyone about this apart from my current boyfriend but its causing trouble between us now because I snap all the time and get depressed a lot of the time.

Please help :/

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  • Hi. I'm sorry to hear about tat unfortunate incident you had to go through two years ago. PTSD might be an issues here, however, you cant self-diagnose yourself like need professional help like therapy and counselling. Also, I believe that not telling anyone but your boyfriend might not be a good idea for your mental health. You need to get it out and tell people whom you know love you and support you. I myself am a victim of rape. It happened when I was 23 and it was a selfish and horny jerk whom I thought was a friend & never showed regret (he thought I was enjoying it). I did the same as you...I didn't tell anyone and I didn't even report him. Now I feel like I had no closure and I pushed people away because of it until I saw a therapist and it helped a lot. I think you should do the same unless you've already done so. I wish you the best in the world darling and I hope you find peace and love again soon.

  • Hi,Smile, perhaps it is time to speak to a professional, I know some rape victims blame themselves, You should Not ever blame yourself ! I do not know what you are feeling and would never pretend to,but from everything I have heard its not good ! Perhaps try telling your current boyfriend how you are feeling and why you feel the way you do will help him help you ,I really hope he loves you enough to help you and understand your feelings ,I am so sad that a so called friend could do that to you,but please remember not all men are that kind of hatefull trash

  • My husband had a similar experience and never told anyone for years. He has suffered emotionally all this time. He has always had a problem with alcohol and drugs. I do t know how much was due to the rape or how much the abuse he got from his father but its taken us years and years to help him become more stable.

    I'd say you need councilling to help you come to terms with what happened. Its possible that you need to try to prosecute this man though perhaps proving rape might be traumatic in its self.

    There are several phone numbers for victims of rape if you don't want to go to the police. But please please get help now. It could effect you for the rest of your life. Its obviously troubling you a lot now.

    The best of luck and good wishes to you.


  • Firstly 15 is under the age of legal consent, you could if you wished take this further and the person in question could be prosecuted. However that would be a painful lengthy process, I know as I used to work on a referral desk. If that had happened to me I would be traumatised too. You do need to talk about it and get professional help. Your boyfriend does not seem much help either but you are both very young. Please go and get professional help, this sort of suffering you are going through is dreadful and could take years of therapy to overcome. Once the surgery is open again please go and get professional help. We are all thinking about you, be strong and brave, do not let this destroy you, we are all here to support you😊😊😊😊

  • Hi,

    I feel for you. I too think it might be a good idea to get some counseling. It will probably help to be able to talk this through. I understand your fear of telling people, because some can be ignorant about rape, and cause more hurt by thoughtless comments. Take it one step at a time and get your own head around this maybe, before going public. If you feel strong in yourself, and sure of your own perspective, other people's words will affect you less.

  • Sorrey for your pain

    I would recommend that you talk with your GP and He will arrange a course of treatment for you so that you can put all this problem out of your mind.

    Also I would advise that you tell your Parents and have words with the Police and get this person put in jail as if He keeps attacking Women His activities could become worse and He could attack a child again.

    The Law says that you were raped and also He had sex with a minor, He also attacked someone He knew, so you need closure so you can get on with your life.

    I also feel sorry that it is affecting relationships with other people, this is very natural and you need to put the attack to the back of your mind and carry on with the rest of your life. You need that closure


  • Hi oh how awful poor you. I can emphasise completely as I too was raped in my 30's by a man who broke into my flat. I know how you feel. I agree with the advice given by the others. You need to seek professional help so you can come to terms with it. You will never forget it but you can learn to live with it and not let it affect your life in the future.

    You are NOT responsible in any way shape or form, he is wholly responsible no matter what you said or did. Rape is rape and is against the law. Meantime ring the rape helpline and talk to someone there. I did and they completely understand and will help you. You will recover from this you know and will find your inner strength. Pm me if you want to chat please. Bev xx

  • Bev, I'm so sorry you have been through this. The world is full of monsters. Xx

  • Hold on let's get this sorted.

    Firstly you were raped, no question of consent.

    Secondly you were a child.

    Two years have past, and you're suffering.

    You are a victim.

    I so hate hearing people say that children who have their innocents taken are survivors... you can survive a car crash, physical injuries can heal.

    But I'm sorry, you don't survive being raped as a child.

    I don't like to call it rape, not for a child. Your innocents was taken, which is so much worse than rape.

    And you must, must start talking to someone you feel you can trust.

    Get it out there and talk about it, write it down.

    I too had my innocents taken, I was 7. I'm 47 now. I didn't tell anyone. And I regret not having done so, as it has destroyed my life. You simply don't survive. I won't go on about myself here as it is you I wish to help, if I can.

    Don't worry about what people think, don't blame yourself. Act now, talk to you GP or anyone in a professional position who you feel you can trust. If your doctor is male, and you feel uncomfortable, ask for a female. Ask for one to be drafted in. Go to a different surgery. It is so important that you deal with this head on, please - do it for me!

  • Smile, don't do it for anyone else Do it for YOU, tiny perhaps you should talk to someone as well ! I have seen some of your posts and now I can understand why you post the way you do You are hurting and you really need to try to fix the hurt, I really am sorry if I appear blunt with you no offence is meant or intended but please both of you do not carry such a heavy burden alone and don't let the basta RDS get away with it

    All the best Derek

  • Please take the advice of everyone here and get this sorted. You deserve to have peace and love in your life after this terrible ordeal. Xx

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