Hi guys

Just wanted to warn you about member Alice423....they have just sent me a message giving me the email address of a priest who will do spells for me to help me get well for a fee

Please report them to admin if they contact you

Christmas day.........I have just received a message for HU saying this member has been banned from the site but keep vigilant as im sure they will be back under another name at some point


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  • Had the same thing Mandy - reported. Happy Christmas!

  • Hi Barrie - hope you are well and feeling better. X

  • Hello Jo, not doing too bad. Have seen my lovely GP who is keeping me on the Citalopram for another couple of months minimum. Counselling going ok but of course a break of 2 weeks now. My big problem is sleep - getting very disrupted and only 2-3 hours a night, has caught up with me today as went food shopping at 6am!! (hate crowds in supermarkets so have avoided it until today) went back to bed on getting home at 7 30 and only really surfaced until just now. Feel really tired, GP didn't want to prescribe sleeping pills and suggested I took the Citalopram in the evening as it's a mild sedative - hasn't worked :-( Trouble is I get tinnitus which is made worse by stress so a double whammy. Am supposed to be meeting up with grandkids after Christmas so it was nice wrapping a small present for each of them. Nothing heard from my wife so am going to see how things are after Christmas.

    Sorry Jo have waffled on a bit.......typical me. I hope you are ok and enjoy Christmas as best you can - it'll be over in a flash (I hope for me anyway). Trust you have friends/family to share some time with. All the very best, Barrie x

  • Ha what a joke thanks Mandy - these scammers have no scruples at all. Hope you are well and ready for Christmas. Xx

  • Haven't seen that here yet, but does anyone in their right mind believe

    These scammers, who would pay to these charlatans ? I doubt if we woukd

    Be rushing to give them our VisA card details, now if anyone wants to send

    Me a few bob I too will give them lots of advice . Lol. Pigs might fly too.

    Mandy have a Good Xmas and enjoy the day.


  • Sadly these people make a fortune out of our distress ..there was a program on tv about it and these people are making millions its quite extraordinary how many people can get scammed when they are so desperate for some change in their lives

    Hope you have a lovely day too Hanna...Merry Christmas x x

  • Thanks for the warning.