Do you ever feel like you never get to win?

I have always been the shy and less attractive of all my "friends" and that's always made me less like able and an easy target for being made fun of but I never seem to get why that is. I've didn't start off being rude or anything I was just too awkward. I've had many crushes even ones that I thought actually liked me but I ended up we were just good friends, and then he goes and dates my best friend. I always wanted to believe it was because I was not the desired race or weight for all these guys but now I feel like there is just something wrong with me. Anyways crushes aside I've also run into problems like starting a go fund me for my mom and everyone ignoring it but someone else makes one about getting to Disney world and everyone eats that shit up. Idk it just feels like maybe I'm just that invisable?

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  • Oh sloth that could have been me writing that. I have a group of good friends and they are all more attractive than me. I have been in that situation many times with liking a man then finding out he fancies one of them instead :( Mind you I have found a few who like me regardless so have had my share of good times though :P

    I have found the secret is not to try and compete on your friends level for personal attractivess and just be yourself and different. Not all men go for looks, some go more for personality so concentrate on that side of yourself. As long as you make the effort and look as good as you can some lucky guy will find you one day. All men are different as all women are and we all look for different things. x

  • All good things come to those that wait... your day will come and your beauty will outshine others... you wait and see! Time isn't just for healing...

  • Find new friends. No seriously, I mean it. Take a good look at these friends of yours, and ask yourself what attracted you to them.Was it because they have self belief just because they are attractive on the outside. Did you hope their self confidence will rub off on you?

    Remember, the flip side of being physically attractive or athletic is that these people grow up never needing to try too hard to impress, or think too deeply about other people. It can make them ignorant unless they are very special people. They can be intolerant of others, and can also be tactless in the things they say. Maybe you have been taught to give people like this too many chances, so they start to lose respect for you. If so, time to start afresh somewhere, and stop taking the dirt these people dish out.

    Work on being attractive on the inside. If you do not know how, find people who rise up above physical imperfections and are still lovely people, and follow their examples.

    On the Go fund me thing. That was probably just bad luck, or not knowing how to market yourself effectively. Don't take everything personally. Easy to say I know, but I know myself that when you get in a bad mental state it is easy also to lose perspective.