Suffering from depression for over 2 months now

Hi all, I've had a few bouts of depression in the past but this time it's really hit bad to the extent I've had to take time off work. I was on Citalopram 40mg for 2 months but it didn't seem to help, so I'm now on Mirtazapine (30mg) which has helped me to a least get a night's sleep, for the past 12 days.

I am one of these people that on paper 'has it all' and I am grateful, yet I still feel so low, despondent, numb and helpless almost all of the time. Ive tried altering my routine a bit and exercise must days, yet I just can't seem to shift. Looking for people in similar positions to chat to and compare coping mechanisms.



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  • Hello

    You are on a site with many who have the same condition, hence the name of the site.

    So welcome


  • Thank you, I appreciate it Bob, here is hoping we can all have brighter futures.

  • Hey. I've noticed that all my old symptoms of depression have been slowly coming back. I was happy for several months and it all got ripped apart. So here we go again...

    Welcome to the site lol

  • Hi Jason nice to meet you and welcome to the site.

    I could have written your post! My depression is mainly mild but does flare up from time to time to severe. You are doing all the right things ie taking a break from work, seeing your doctor for help etc. It will pass but it just takes time. That's one thing I have learned with mine. Try and do stuff that makes you feel better if there is anything and just have hope that it will go in time. It's ok to be 'lazy; and have duvet days though as depression is exhausting isn't it? Stay with us here and we will help all we can. Ok? x

  • Many thanks, seeing that this early in the morning certainly helps! I get so frustrated because everything I throw at it just seems to bounce back, it is especially difficult when I am doing things I normally enjoy and those things just feel like I am marking time, so bewildering.



  • Morning Jason,I too "have it all" tho have had family problems over this last year and relocated 150miles away from Yorkshire to the Midlands.Have just upped my dose of Mirtazapine to 30 mg so here's hoping!Can't say much at present as I'm aware of my negativity and have no desire to inflict that on anyone.Am also looking at my diet.Good luck!

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