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Am I suffering from mild depression?

For months now ive been feeling down all the time. I get upset and stressed very easily and then I'm upset for days afterwards. The smallest thing can trigger it. My partner told me yesterday that he's getting tired of me cos all I do is moan all the time. I used to be happy and bubbly and now I just constantly feel down. I've forgotten the last time I laughed, I always force a smile so that people don't notice. Also, I've just started a new job and I'm very quiet and find it hard to join in with the conversations and when I do, I stutter and find it hard to talk to them. I'm also getting very jealous of my partners relationship with his female friends and it's putting a strain on our relationship. I'm also going off doing things I used to love. All these problems really bring me down and upset me, I'm considering going to the my GP because I think I may be depressed. I need a helpful hand and some advice please. Thank you

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I can't daignose you but it does sound as if you may be depressed, certainly you sound stressed. Do you have any idea what triggered it, when it began? I would definitely see the GP and rather than go on antidepressants without knowing the cause of your depression perhaps a better bet would be to talk with a counsellor, either privately if you can afford it or via the NHS although there may be a waiting time, your GP can arrange referral. It's always better to catch depressive type symptoms early rather than late.

I hope you feel better soon.



Hi visit your doctor and talk about how you are feeling, many things can make you feel down. I saw my doc and spoke frankly about how I really felt. I also joined this group and this helped me see I was not alone.

Stay strong and take a day at a time.


Hi Chelliepopz,

This can be depression. You can take a depression test to find out if it is depression. I suggest you take the PHQ-9 (Patient health questionnaire 9). It is a simple tool and reliable. It will also tell you about the severity of the depression and can be used for monitoring of depression during treatment as well. If it is depression, do not worry, treatment is available. The sooner you begin to understand depression the quicker you will get rid of it and prevent it from coming back. Antidepressants are one option for treating depression, there are many other ways that are effective and different ways work for different people. Once you are on the recovery path, your mood will improve, you will feel energetic and your relationship will improve.

Take your partner into confidence and share your problem with him. I hope he will understand the situation. Many people do not have the understanding of depression but once briefed they understand and support. We can then work on how to attract your partner and what men like the most. Getting your partner back into you is going to be easy, do not worry, first deal your situation.

i am suggesting a link here you can download the PHQ-9 depression test and also info on beating depression.


you can share your score in the comment box below and we can continue the discussion there if you like. Waiting to hear from you and all the best.

Take care.


Only a doctor or similar can diagnose depression, but while you wait for an appointment, some of the assessment tools available online can be effective, if only to help you channel your thoughts a bit. If you google 'GoldBerg depression test' or 'PHQ 9' you will find some interesting bits x


If your feeling down for more than 2 weeks, it is a indication you could be suffering, depression, all the things you have said, is, classic signs,

were all here for you,

kind wishes Linda


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