Fake Britain

Hi, did anyone see Fake Britain on BBC 1 last night. It has put me off ordering from the Internet. Fakes are flooding in and being sold on Internet for good prices so you aren't suspicious that prices too cheap. Last night it was about batteries and makeup but I bet lots of tablets sold are fake. I ordered B12 lozenges and Folate from Amazon but will not be ordering any more. In future I will go to high street shops and pay the extra for peace of mind. From Lin x


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  • Generally I agree Lin,

    Over the last four months I have been using sites through Amazon. It would have taken an age to look for the items that I required, it has taken minimal time to purchase things I required although if something is easy to get than I will shop locally.

    If I want to shop with companies like Homebase, Argos or for example Halfords there is a larger selection of products on the web, So again it takes time.

    One problem with above is that you see products you do not really want and buy it anyway. That can be a problem.

    We leave the site alone when we do not need any products and always look locally in the first place to get the product we need


  • Don't forget that high street shops will get their supplies from the same wholesalers as Amazon, buying from reputable online stores is as likely to be ok as buying on the high street, sometimes better. We can no longer be sure about genuineness but it is in the interests of good retailers to make sure they are selling genuine goods. Market stalls and e-bay are different as they carry no such guarantees.

  • I'm sure the BBC program was correct but I'm afraid the days are long gone when I regarded the BBC as a source of fact on anything.


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