Q. Regarding ADHD

Is putting all my energy and focus on a small number of tasks (that I enjoy)—and becoming good at them—disruptive behavior disorder? Oppositional defiant disorder? Conduct disorder? Antisocial personality disorder?

Or is distributing my energy and focus to many tasks—in a poor or mediocre fashion—a flattering, aiding and assisting behavior??


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6 Replies

  • I think you should do which you prefer at the time and I don't necessarily think either is a disorder , perfectly normal,I would say.

  • We do what we can and leave those things that could cause us grief

    Do what you are happy at and attack those other jobs when and how you can.

    Little steps make large steps and eventually a gallop.

    Never rush do what is comfortable


  • This is a really deep interesting question that i dont think any person (but you) has the answers! i have done the same. But if you can balance this, what's the issue?

  • Hi,

    If I understand correctly you want to focus and not switch from one task to another. This seams reasonable.

    The issue seams to be which tasks do you want to exclude.

    It depends what you are focused on and if this impacts adversely on other people. I would support anyone's right to play music but if that impacts on others ability to sleep it seams unfair. I am using this as an example. We live around other people and they have equal rights to enjoy their life.

    It depends on the things you are not doing. Are they things that are needed to sustain life? If you don't do them for yourself, who will do them? What happens if they are not available? There are many things that we do not want to do but have to do so that we can continue enjoying the things we want to do.

    Hope that helps

  • My focus today is applying for jobs that I'm not very interested in—to bring in money for food, rent, gasoline, etc. Because what I want to do—high end portrait and commercial photography—is a difficult goal... But that less interesting job will allow me more enjoyable things. ;)

  • HI,

    I think that everyone has to start somewhere. How many people do you know who just picked up a camera and became a high end portrait and commercial photographer? Ok, I'll give you Lord Snowden, but for us lesser mortals there tends to be lots of things we don't want to do before we get to the things we do want to do.

    Photography, is a skill and an art. It can be learnt photographing soup cans. I really wish you well and hope that you take the steps to achieve your ultimate goals.


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