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Feeling really down still :(

I've given myself some time and I still feel really down. I am totally exhausted and got no energy or motivation to do anything like everyday tasks.

I feel I am letting my family down and I can't keep putting them through this.

I have an ESA examination tomorrow - what's the point of going or doing anything.... feel like giving up as I just can't face any more.

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hi Daisy I'm sorry you're still feeling down.

try and go for your esa meeting.

tell them exactly how you are. maybe make a list.

if you can take someone with you.

please don't give up.

you were kind enough to reply and help me recently and I thank you.

I remember reading this very caring message to someone else -

Daisy101 2 Mar 2013

Maybe you could write down how you feel or print out this page and give it to your GP to read.

Also try finding a MIND or similar in your area and ask them for some help and support. They could possibly help explain to people on your behalf.

If things get really critical (thoughts of suicide etc) please go to GP or A & E straight away.

We do understand how you feel, please take care and continue to ask for support which you need at the moment x

You are a caring person and need and deserve help. the esa is your right and I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

please come back & let me know.




I hope you attend your ESA. You need financial support just as you need the support of "friends" on this site.

Wishing you well today.


You have to make yourself go to the meeting, and tell them how you feel, it is a goodidea, to take someone with you, even a family member, because I know you may not want them toknow how your really feeling. Your family do care, maynot understand,,, but they do care, its the depression that makes you feel that way. I have gone to one of these meetings and my gp forgot to do a report to help me, god i felt no one cared!! But I told them how i was feeling and exactly how it effects me, and how everyday tasks, are coming to the point of not doing anything, that I had become a recluse, and I hate feeling this way, how my life has changed.

I was awarded it, !!! I had to go to the end, where you see a solicitor to make sure they are, working within the law, and a gp. otherwise i was going to have no money, and homeless.

Take little steps, dont batter yourself from not doing enough, your ill, do as much as you feel you can.

see a counsellor to help you through this. how you feel

See your gp, if you feel the tablets arnt helping enough. Then maybe try something else. if you dont feel your getting the support, contact MIND

I battle with mine each day, it has good days, and bad, maybe you could try a SAD lamp, if it works and helps you,,, do it.

take care, we are here for you. Linda


Hi Daisy I am sorry to hear you are feeling so down. Being Irish I am not sure what this ESA exam is, but try and push yourself to go. If you do one thing it really helps, also could you talk to your GP and tell them how you feel, I know what its like as I have felt like this many times. Please know we care about you, but try and go to the exam, Ask your GP to check your blood too, as I used to be really tired, and thought it was part of the Depression, but I was actually anaemic and took iron tablets and dont feel half as tired. Please take care of yourself. Hannah


Please try to go to the ESA /meetings. I know it`s hard and you keep thinking "what the point "..I DID ..back in January I was so down with depression..but I feel i have come out the other side and feel positive about the future -even though still no job, money etc ..but just feel better about myself though going to various meetings and even a course i was made to go on by the jsaa


I can relate to what you say! I find it very difficult to work whilst depressed. I am unemployed and I feel sorry for some people who have to work 9-5 no matter how depressed.


Hi Daisy, sorry to hear you are feeling low. It's hard to do things while you're depressed, I hope the ESA exam went well. Suex


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