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Hello, I am only 23years old. I have always work hard to get into a London and have a good career. I have amazing loving boyfriend but never feel happy. I am always thinking what is the point of a life if I will die anyway. Every time my boyfriend takes me on holiday to the beautiful place I just want to cry. I can not stop thinking and it is makes me even more sad when I see that my boyfriend is worried about me. It only helps when I work so much so I don't have a time to think about it but I am not really able to enjoy life like this. How other people found the point of life???

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  • Hi I think by accepting there is no point in life.... just see it as a gift for you to spend as you want to. After all there is nothing else is there? It is yours alone and you need to do the things that make you happy, not necessarily the ones that we are supposed to want ie lots of money, a big house, a great career, a partner and 2.4 kids. You have to find your own way in life. All these things might make you happy but just keep an open mind to other ways of life.

    Some people find meaning in religion, or helping others. Others find it at the bottom of a glass :O Just remember life is for you to enjoy and not just do your duty. x

  • Hi Cough what a fab reply, my sentiments exactly. Sometimes I used

    To think oh what is the point ? One day I too will be gone from this planet,

    But as you say just enjoy the moment, life is like Carole King sang about A Tapestry and made up of

    Good and not so good, fun and pain and love and hurt and one little thing

    Like a smile from a loved one can turn your whole day around. You don't

    Have to be in a relationship to be happy, it could be a child's smile, or

    Giving some coins to a homeless man.

    Happiness in life for me is NOT the big house, the new car, the foreign

    Holidays, the great career, I have had them and they were my most

    Unhappy times.

    Now I have much less but enough and I can say I have never been

    Happier, so just enjoy every day because it's all we have. Yesterday is

    History and tomorrow is a mystery. That young girl who posted this

    Has a her whole life ahead, but sometimes if we are suffering from

    Depression it stops us from feeling a normal range of being happy, we

    Then feel sad all the time, it's called Depression but it's quite a

    Treatable thing once we accept it and begin to manage our Depression.

    Hannah xx

  • So many philosophers and very wise men have pondered the point of life and as far as I know no one has come up with an answer , so don't worry about it. We all or nearly all go on living.


    All we can do is to be as happy as we can be and try to make others happy. If feeling good was good enough for Bobbie McGee it should be good enough for all of us.

    As far as we know ants , bees , dogs and cats don't worry about the point of life and we're supposed to be smarter. I find it hard to believe if you have a loving boyfriend you never feel happy. Some people ,in fact most of us, cry occasionally when happy if emotion really touches us.

    Throwing yourself into work is a wonderful remedy for taking your mind off yourself and you sound better at it than me.

  • Hi

    This is familiar to me. I find a point in living in the relationships I have. I'm not in a romantic relationship right now and haven't been for nearly 6 years but I have relationships with the people around me and my purpose is to be kind, generous, compassionate and caring. I want to be the best I can be. It's a goal. Its a joy and it gives me satisfaction. You are focused on your sadness right now. When you focus at work you are not focused on that. I recall sitting in the sun on a beautiful day and crying in dispare. When I stopped and noticed the sun shining, the blue sky, the feel of the sun on my skin and the clouds my focus changed to that. You don't talk about any concerns that make you feel bad and have detailed many positives in your life, but feeling is not always connected to the material. It sounds as if you need a purpose. This is something you have to find for yourself. We are social beings and need connection to feel a purpose. We all have our part, we all have our contribution even if it is to need help. I have no idea what the grand purpose is. It's too big, too vast and far too complicated. I think you need to ask questions. What makes you happy? What gives you satisfaction? What do you enjoy? What are you good at? For now your purpose is to find your purpose. The thing that is meaningful to you. What inspires you? What are your values? What do you believe? Start by sleeping enough eating well and exercising regularly. If you do these things consider the questions. Work out your goals and dreams. One of the most difficult times for me was when I achieved something I had wanted for a number of years, I was satisfied but not happy so I set myself another challenge. I really hope this has helped because talking to you has helped me. Drifting is OK too as long as it does not go on too long. Maybe mindfulness would help.

  • Thank you everyone. It strange that I am feeling so alone when there is so much more people with similar issue. I just feel like I can not really be happy from anything even everyone tells me that I should try be happier. I am sure there is so many people with real problems but my mind does not care what other people saying...my mind only wants to be a sad.

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